I Didn’t Know Them, But I Knew Them

I was watching a Dateline special on NBC about the passing of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett recently.  I did not cry during the show but found myself feeling something as I watched about their lives and now deaths. While I didn’t have a personal relationship with either of them, I knew enough about them to have some emotions.  It’s sort of like the I know you, but you don’t know me scenario.  I don’t know Billy Graham, but I will most certainly cry when he passes.  I didn’t know Ronald Reagan, but cried when I saw his funeral procession. You get my point. But as I watched the Jackson/Fawcett episode, I realized that I was feeling for their families because I’ve been there.  I’ve been in the place where you lose a loved one, both suddenly and when you are expecting it, and I know how the world seems to stop.  Everyone else goes about their daily lives of eating out, grocery shopping, taking vacations and watching mindless TV, when you are wondering when the clock will start ticking again and you can get back to normal and how will you ever move on knowing you’ll never have a conversation with your loved one again this side of Heaven.  If, indeed, they are in Heaven. So, maybe that is what I feel when I hear about celebrities who die.  Sure, they may have fame and fortune, but they are still people who leave families behind who will miss them. And I feel for them.

4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know Them, But I Knew Them”

  1. Me too. I think about whether or not anyone had ever shared Jesus with them and if they had accepted Him or not. It shakes me up and makes me even more determined to share Jesus with as many people as I can.

  2. Well Said! As you know I have experienced Death close to home too. Can you imagine your inability to heal if everytime you turned around they were talking about your loved one on TV? Or you see it plastered on Magazines? Or everytime you log on to the internet there was more and more stuff about them?

    I have been praying that they Lord brings peace to their survivors. My heartbreaks for the ones left behind.

  3. I know what you mean. I felt a strange melancholy while watching anything relating to their deaths – as I usually do when I see something like that – and I couldn’t pinpoint quite what it was that I was feeling and what, exactly, had triggered those feelings. I think you’re right, though.

    This was beautifully put.

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