I Couldn’t Believe My Ears

noah-closeup-_3.jpg Recently, my oldest son, Noah, and I were driving down the road. When we do that sort of thing, I tend to leave the radio turned off because he likes to talk. A lot. About everything. When we came to a stopping place in our conversation about all of the stuff that we talk about, he started singing the lyrics to a song. It went a little something like this: I kissed a girl and I liked it. And these were the thoughts that were going through my mind. Holy crap. Don’t freak out. You know those lyrics were written by a girl, but does he? Don’t freak out. Calm down and for the love, don’t wreck the car. Take a deep breath. Walk him through this. Don’t freak out. Don’t freak out. DON’T………..FREAK…………..OUT! Then he started talking. Noah: I heard that from a kid in my class. You know that song is sung by a girl. Me: (Not freaking out) Uh, yeah. Sure do. So, what do you think about that? Noah: I think she’s talking about lesbians. Me: (Now thanking the child in his 2nd grade class that told him what homosexuality was before I was ready for him to find out) Yeah, I suppose it is. Noah: That’s just wrong. And gross. Me: The girl who sings this song is the daughter of two pastors. She grew up learning about Jesus and singing in church. Noah: Really? Me: Yeah. Noah: Hmmm. Can we get a slushie at 7-11? Clearly our time together was meaningful to him. I’ve mentioned to you before that preventing my boys from hearing things they shouldn’t hear and learning things they aren’t ready to learn would mean that I would literally have to keep them in their bedrooms for the rest of their days without TV or XBOX or friends. Since that is not something that I see happening, there is only one thing to do. Keep talking. Whether you teach your children at home, send them to private Christian institutions or are assisted by the public school system in educating your darlins, keep the lines of communication open. It’s a must.

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  1. Oh Girl I Know! THAT SONG IS JUST SO WRONG! Guess what they had on the Today show last week in reference to that song…High school girls and college girls “NEW” trend is to make out with other girls at parties to turn the guy they like on and to get the dude. Oh My! We have got to keep talking and finding out WHAT is going on with youth and sexuality. Keep our fingers on this raging pulse so we can relate…and Well!

  2. Hey Cindy,
    “Don’t freak out”. I have said that many times as I have heard my kids talking about situations. It is hard to be calm as they are trying to sort thru their opinions or observations. I have found even in their confusion or conflictions of feelings…my remaining calm allows them to talk it out and what I have raised them in…comes out! My kiddos are getting older and observing more stuff and being challenged in more ways and yet “Sunday School” truths are still anchored in their hearts. I don’t want my children sheltered…(maybe I do, but I can’t!!) but I do believe they are guarded by the Truth that they have been raised in. My confidence is in Christ that He will center them in Him. Thanks for reminding me what my heart can be so burdened with…He is a very big God!

  3. I am catching up after a busy week last week. I really liked your post about Sarah Palin. I have been so disillusioned with politics that I ignore almost everything about it. But that post was fun-ny. The exact sort of thing is what makes me groan when politicians open thier mouths. THey have become so good at standing for nothing they can’t even remember their own parties foundational beliefs.

    Oh yeah and your sons comment totally scares the tarnation out of me. Especially since my son has two aunts. This is not a good world.

  4. Alternative (read: bad) lifestyles are everywhere. There is no way we will ever be able to shield our kids from it the way we were growing up. I’m sad that by the time they are my age, it won’t even be shocking anymore.

    Remember when earrings for men were taboo like 30 years ago and now it’s no big deal? Homosexuality is CERTAINLY different but I fear it will be “no big deal” in our culture…very.soon. ugh.

    Good post.

  5. I talk and talk and talk….Can you imagine…Lil ole me talking…and then I talk some more. I know that they finally have heard me and it has sunk in a little when they look at me and say MOOOOOOOMMMMM. Then Guess WHAT…..I talk more. I talk about stuff that they don’t want to talk to their mom about. Oh well their mom wants too. So they get over it and I make them talk and I sit there and listen. I even buy like christian rap music to get my son in the mood to talk. I’m with Heidi…Communication!

  6. My oldest and youngest children are 7 years apart. I was amazed at the differences in the subject matter I discussed with the older one in middle school versus the younger one when he was in middleschool…in that short time. I spent alot of my parenting as a detective…(all those Nancy Drew Mysteries finally paid off, that and alot of prayer). My kids to this day believe I have eyes in the back of my head. While I was sometimes shocked and bummed that my kids heard it first from someone else, it was a golden opportunity to (pry), oops, I mean talk. Loved your post and how we get so wound up inside and they sometimes just say it, analyze it, summerize it and are on to the Slurpie and the rest of life, leaving us in a pile…

  7. I have had the same discussion with my daughter, who is 12. That song is very popular up here in Western Canada too. Darn thing is catchy too- I will walk out of a store and find myself still humming it. I agree that we must keep listening and talking, and reading between the lines of what they don’t say.

  8. amen and amen! sounds like many of our convos here too! well done cindy! i applaud you!

    you know what i dislike about that song the most? the darn melody is so stinkin catchy!!! shoot-darn!

    [still applauding you]


  9. I had a little boy in my daughter’s pre-K 3 class tell her that girls kissing girls was disgusting. So, she started to refuse kissing me. I was so upset and mad at that little kid. It didn’t matter what I said to her about it being ok for little girls to kiss their mommies, she wouldn’t have any of it. I finally found a story/picture book called “Mommy’s Kisses” that showed different kinds of mommy animals and children, and for some reason that convinced her that it was ok. Thank God!

  10. that

    I stress yet. thank you for being the “one who has gone before”. I will talk and talk and talk.

    Great going, mama. you are raising amazing boys. can one of them marry one of mine. or can both of yours marry both of my girls. how cute would that be?

  11. unlurking…

    what a doozie, cindy. i’m certain i would have hyperventilated and ran us into a ditch. praying for the same wisdom and grace you show under pressure.

  12. I just threw up in my mouth. I cannot imagine having to have that conversation….oh dear oh dear…but if it needs to happen I hope I’m listening.

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