I Could Stay Awake Just To Hear You Breathing

This Aerosmith song came on XM radio today. As that first line was sung, I thought to myself, “Self, that is some good lyrics.” I just love some good ole romance. In fact the chorus of this song says something even sweeter:
Don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep cause I’d miss you baby and I don’t wanna miss a thing.
Tell me that wouldn’t win you over if someone sang that to you or wrote it in a letter. You know it’s true. Here’s the great thing about love. That romantic, ooey-gooey, emotional, I might throw up if I look at you cuz you make me nervous kind of love is wonderful. And terrific. And fantastic. But somewhere along the way, it typically dissipates and in some sad cases, goes away altogether. Why? I’ll tell you why. It does because we stop working at it. We stop bringing flowers. We stop telling our spouses how beautiful or handsome they are. We stop putting them above all other earthly relationships. Even our children. Tis true. Think about it. When you were dating your spouse, you couldn’t get enough of each other. You wanted to be together as often as possible and even risked, yay oftentimes lost, friendships because of that. Presents were purchased. Kind words were said. Gentle touches were given. And love was in the air. Ever been that in love? I have. Still am, actually, except that I’m okay with going to sleep at night because well, I like my bed and this momma needs her 7.5 hours each night. I’m just sayin’. Do you need to do something in your marriage to spice things up? I think it just might be time.

13 thoughts on “I Could Stay Awake Just To Hear You Breathing”

  1. I guess that it is why I so appreicated the comment Chris made to you about the “steps to the bathroom”. Sometimes we are doing such wonderful things for each other but they may not be known. His taking the extra steps b/c it was important to you and then telling you it was based on “love for you”…good stuff! Enjoy that romance! Looking forward to some of that myself!!!

  2. I used a song lyric as my title this morning too. Its good!
    My husband and I are very purposeful in our relationship. We know what each others love languages are and we try to do something to meet those every single day. We talk alot too. Sometimes even at 3 in the morning when we can’t sleep. 10 years and 7 kids later, that man still makes my knees weak and my heart race and my lips tingle when he kisses me.

  3. My husband is a pilot. And, and excitement still leaps in my gut whenever I see his car pulling into the driveway after a trip. That’s because we work at it. And, if I ever fail to get that gut feeling, I know that something in our marriage needs attention. So, I fix it…..or fix me.

  4. This is good! I’ve been married for 7 years and we have two girls. We’ve not had much time together lately and have needed it. Yesterday on a whim I ask my mom to watch the girls so Daniel and I could have lunch. It was only 30 minutes…but as I was getting ready to leave I looked back at him and he gave my stomach the willies.

    Here’s to falling in love with our husbands!

  5. YES!!! I KNOW this feeling! Ahhhhhhhh, I remember those courting days where we did exactly what you stated about taking whatever risk we had to just to be together.

    And it DOES take work to keep the fires burning. But personally it’s well worth the effort. My husband and I send each other emails and text messages throughout the day like we always used to saying crazy little love comments. Why should we stop acting like we did when we were dating? I too still feel like a silly school girl in love when I hear my husbands truck pull up in the driveway. No matter what has gone on or how crazy my day has been something about that sound reminds me that my world is about to feel whole again because my love is home and that everything is ok again. There is no place that I’m happier and more complete than with him. He truly is “the half that makes me whole”. And my heart rests in him. I believe this is how God intended marriage to be. But we have chosen to settle for less.

    Thanks for the post! 🙂

  6. The other day I had laid down in the afternoon and was kind of trying to take a nap. My eyes were closed and out of no where Craig kissed my cheek ever so soft. He thought I was asleep. It made me wonder how many “I thought you were asleep” kisses I have missed.

  7. After nearly 17 years of marriage I can attest that it indeed takes work. But it is SO worth it.

    Brent and I LOVE being together! I love it when he calls to tell me he’s coming home. I get excited. I love to see him. To chat with him. He’s cool too, so that helps 😉

    But some days. Not so much. And it isn’t him…it’s me. It’s my perspective and selfishness.

    he is adorable and my gift from God and worth my love, attention and affection.

    Plus…he brings me Oreos every time I’m sick 🙂

  8. How funny I just wrote a blog on how I spiced up our marriage=) This is really big to me.

    My parents dont understand this they told me just yesterday how I need to start putting my kids first before Tim! It was a really hard day for me=(

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