I Confess. I Love The Twitter.

The girls in my Bible Study are now calling it “the Twitter“.  I just think it sounds fun to call it that.  Like how the Phoenicians call their highways the 101 or the 60.  Seriously, how fun is that? Never did I imagine I would like the Twitter as much as Scott Williams and Scotty Rock said I would.  I was like “whatever” and “pashaw” to their persuasions.  But, oh how right they were! Now, I am not saying that I’m addicted to it because I do not spend all day on it. I typically don’t do a lot of twittering on the weekends. For all of you who are scared of the Twitter, don’t be.  If you think you’ll be on it all day long, I thought that, too, and I’m not.  I just enjoy a little stalking noseyness lurking fellowship and entertainment from time to time on the Twitter-waves.  Oh and also doing a little TDA (Twittering Display of Affection) with one Chris Beall. That’s all.  Nothing else to say today. Gone.

20 thoughts on “I Confess. I Love The Twitter.”

  1. Twitter is not addictive. But it can be wrong for some people. People are the problem…not the tools, materials or substances. The human heart is what gets twisted up with wrong priorities creating idols out of absolutely anything under the sun.

    I have a feeling social media will be added to the various hurts, habits, and hangup groups at Celebrate Recovery. But maybe not…social media addiction might be categorized under codependency – addiction to approval.

    When I tell folks about social media, I try to educate them about the possible dangers, as well as the blessings. That way they can make an informed decision. I wish I had been wiser on the outset of my exploration into social media.

    I’ve come to different conclusions, based on my own personal/spiritual make-up, experience with social media, and the Lord’s direction in my life.

    I hope we can agree to disagree on this. I value you Cindy. Be blessed!

  2. While I’d agree that there are some who respond to these forms of social media as Yvonne describes, I’d also argue that these same people tend to get hurt in other real, live situations as well. Even e-mails can, and often is, misinterepted.

    I appreciate that social outlets such as the Twitter and Facebook allow me to really get to know another individual. Sometimes, a friend may post a prayer request on Twitter, and I can pray for them. Just like anything, all things can be abused. And, if you struggle with a need for approval or vulnerabiliities to situations that can distract you from your family, etc, then absolutely, I’d advise stay away from the world wide web.

    But, for me, I LOVE the Twitter! And, I’ve personally seen no harm from the say what you’re doing in 140 words or less.

  3. Still trying to decide if I like Twitter… don’t have too many friends on it… just my man, so sometimes it doesn’t seem like anyone is listening to me (see, I guess that is me looking for approval).

    question… Your TDA’s with Chris… do you DM or @reply?

    and because I know you care… In New York (or at least Buffalo) they also call their highways “the 400” and “the 90”

  4. I confess – I don’t even know what the Twitter is…but I just got the internet at my house! Where we live, we aren’t able to get cable service in our area, and we don’t have satellite. Or Dish – whatever they call it nowadays. My husband got me an iPod for Christmas and I had to ask a younger co-worker how to use it…and I’m only in my 30s!

  5. I love The Twitter! Mainly because I miss you all! It gives me a smile in my heart to get the opportunity to be included in a Hi from OK, a Birthday Pic of friends children, an announcement of a new baby and just long distance friendships that I miss all the time.

    I heart that you finally joined The Twitter!

  6. Wow. I had never thought about some of the potnetial issues with “social media”. I have really enjoyed entering into the world of FB and Twitter. It has also helped me better understand my staff as well. I need to be more aware of the potential challenges.

    Knowing that some may struggle with this experience I guess I better add this to my list of questions when people with screwed up lives come to see me, “tell me about your twitter”.

  7. I love twitter. I too am nosey. My husband thinks its funny. So I get my twitter updates texted to me on my phone so I know what y’all are doing while I’m at work. Makes me feel better!

  8. Well I haven’t taken the Plunge w/ twitter..yet
    I am now on face book & hooked I like several aspects of it 1. I’ve talked to people I haven’t talked to in years and in our busy lifes its nice to leave alittle messages or talk back & forth & not be commited to make empty promises of getting together..2. I like the randomness of what people are doing thru out the day..(like twitter)

    Cindy I’ll look for you on Facebook if you don’t mind:)

  9. just to let you all know,

    in southern california, we call all freeways, highways and byways with “the” in front.


    The 405
    The 5
    The 10
    The 101

    But when you go north on The 101, and you get to central california where they drop the “the”, you then call it simply “101” or “highway 101”.

    When in Rome…

  10. I am behind cuz I just joined the twitter last week, but I have been a loyal facbookite for quite a while. I’m ready to take the next step!

    I only have one tweep, though, so if anyone wants to be my friend its @runningmama26. I have a very blank tweet deck.

  11. YOU make me say the twitter too. dangit.
    I knew you’d love it! KNEW you would.
    sigh – One more function in my life that reminds me that I’m so far away from so many amazing people that I love so much. dangit again

  12. I have to confess, I don’t really like the twitter. For two reasons.
    First, I don’t own a “twitter capable mobile device” (can you say iPhone?)
    Second, I’m usually not doing anything all that “tweetable”, right now! (grin)

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