I Caved. I’m On The Twitter.

Why?  Because this guy and this guy convinced persuaded informed me that just blogging and being on Facebook was so 2008. And I can’t sleep at night if I’m stuck in 2008 since 2009 is just 18 days away. They also said that if I want to minister, REALLY MINISTER, I should Twitter because of all of the people I could influence, oh the people, Cindy, they said. So I am on the Twitter.   Because I like the word the. And the word y’all.  Which, according to Webster, is a variant of you all, thankyousokindly. You’re probably not going to miss anything if you don’t follow me.  Because my life is oh so simple.  However, if you choose to follow, I promise I will update you when I put on make-up and flat iron my hair.   Those two things mean one thing:  I’m headed to the Wal-Mart. I told y’all I was fancy. P.S.  Guess who else is twittering.

13 thoughts on “I Caved. I’m On The Twitter.”

  1. fancy!!! How and btw in the small town where my Grandma lives – walmart is the town square – that is where you go if you want to be seen – ( i am not kidding!!)

  2. I’m sure the guys get all the credit. I thought you just finally caved to the pressure that us girls were putting on you. LOL

    Poor Chris….Now I get to stalk him. 🙂

    I wish you lived here and were going to my Walmart. i’d give you a list. Not my favorite store! I have been doing so good at not shopping I haven’t done anything for Christmas yet. 🙂

  3. Yay! Twitter is an odd animal, but can be quite useful!

    By the way, was going through old posts, and saw you are now on Facebook…can we be friends? 🙂

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