I Broke My Daniel Fast A Week Early With Milk Duds

And I don’t recommend that. If I could do it over again, I would.  Choosing a nice, broth-like soup with some whole wheat crackers on the side would have been a more suitable choice.  But, life doesn’t always let you have what you want. I’d just learned that my husband’s father had passed away and I was rushing around the house trying to get things packed up for a week-long trip to Texas with my boys.  The last thing I was thinking about was getting Daniel Fast appropriate snacks for the road. What? I mean, I knew I would have to break the fast early upon learning about his death.  It would be a near impossibility to maintain this spiritual act while we were staying in the homes of our parents as we dealt with the loss of my father-in-law. What’s funny to me about the whole Daniel Fast is that I was certain that I would love the taste of Diet Dr. Pepper when I could have it again.  So I had it again.  But I didn’t enjoy it.  In fact, I was incredibly disappointed in the taste.  Not sure if I will even introduce it to my normal diet again. The Milk Duds?  Well, now that’s a completely different story.

5 thoughts on “I Broke My Daniel Fast A Week Early With Milk Duds”

  1. I. Love. you. this story almost made me spill my coffee while giggling. thank you again for my “morning cheer”. you are precious! (and of course, I love milk duds)

  2. Cindy, I broke mine too with coffee. I gave it up for 5 days, that’s all I could handle. It’s ok, “we” offer grace to you over the milk duds, just like we receive it. Thanks for your confessions!


  3. This made me giggle… I don’t know that I could continue a fast through something like that either. And you know, after not drinking my beloved Diet Pepsi or Diet Mtn Dew for a few days, I can’t stomach the taste either… but my love for chocolate never disappears!! 🙂

    I’ve heard a lot about this Daniel Fast, I’m going to have to find some more info on this.

  4. Isn’t it amazing what you find out about your likes and dislikes. I thought that I would die without French Fries when I started to lose weight. It turned out that I missed real honest to goodness CHEESE!!! Another thing that I thought was weird is I am way OK without mayo. I haven’t reintroduced it into my food plans.

  5. I was just thinking of going on the Daniel Fast starting on the 11th thru the 21st. Now I’m not sure if it’s such a great idea. I want to get closer to God so that I can get dicernment , more wisdom and knowledge. To go higher and deeper in Him, but if I break the fast before completing it what does that say about my goals?

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