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We have entered into a new era with our 9-year old son, Noah. It’s something I knew would eventually arrive but I dreaded it nonetheless. He now must look cool for school. No more stocking up on the same shirt in eight colors at Wal-Mart or Target. No, no. It’s all about Tony Hawk and Vans now. Oh sweet mercy. So, we went to the local Kohl’s recently because I got me one of those 30% off coupons off EVERYTHING IN THE ENTIRE STORE. Glory to God. And can I just say that Kohl’s is a blessing to me? Can I? Because it is. I mean what other department store provides such hip, trendy clothing and older lady clothing all in the same store for such a steal of a price? And don’t even get me started on the home section. The Shopping. Poor, little dude had to try on the clothes because he is so darn tall and weighs about the same as my left thigh, which means that I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if he’ll be able to fit into a 10 regular or 12 slim and as it happens, he ends up not being able to wear the 10 because they were WAY too short and the 12 would have fit him AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER. But he was a trooper and even chose a shirt that said, “My Mom Rocks.” Oh, he has no idea how much I rock. On our way home from the store, I decided to show him and found myself jammin’ out to a song from the 80’s, of course, and he actually liked it, too. He said, “You know the words. Is this from the 80’s?” I informed him that indeed it was. He laughs as I begin to dance and “pop” like a rapp-ah and says, “Mom, you are so not cool.” While wearing my Keds and parachute pants, I let him know that I invented cool and that he better STEP. Holla.

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  1. Yes, Kohl’s is from Heaven. But I thought I was the only one who got the 30% off coupon!

    I’m not so sure I will look cool if I start wearing my leg warmers (even when I’m not at dance class) and shirt off one shoulder with my lace cut-off gloves…we got the beat!

    Fortunately Daniel is still 7 (and “a half,” if you’re asking HIM) and as long as the shirt isn’t pink, he’s good to go.

    Plus I’m fighting in my mind the whole concept of cool as a Christian….do I want to encourage him to rely on name brands to make himself feel good? Just thinkin’ outloud…

  2. Parachute pants…. awesome!!!
    I still have an Izod church and my penny loafers with a penny still in them. Still got some vinyl thingies ( i think they used to call them 45’s) 🙂

    The 80’s were the best years of my life..

    yea your cool

  3. That’s too funny!! my oldest has long legs & the tiniest (sp?) waist I can get his pants at Old Navy sometimes Khol’s they HAVE to have the adjustable waist band or it just ain’t happing. I do like this phase of individuality tring to figure out who the are especially when its with confidence!

  4. Ohhh…love Kohls!!!!!!! I have been there for a few years now with my daughter (12!) She is going into middle school this year and ohhhh it’s getting worse!

    We haven’t gone school shopping yet, mostly because I’m avoiding it!! HAHA!!! Seriously I hate clothes shopping with her now! She wants all the things I don’t for her AND of course never bothers to take into account if it is on sale or not!!!


  5. Do you remember Vision Street Wear? That was what all the “skaters” wore at my school.

    I love of 80’s rap…

    My mom started bugging with the clothes she chose

    I didn’t say nothing at first

    I just turned up my nose

    She said, “What’s wrong? This shirt cost $20”

    I said, “Mom, this shirt is plaid with a butterfly collar!”

    The next half hour was the same old thing

    My mother buying me clothes from 1963

    And then she lost her mind and did the ultimate

    I asked her for Adidas and she bought me Zips!

    I said, “Mom, what are you doing, you’re ruining my rep”

    She said, “You’re only sixteen, you don’t have a rep yet”

    I never thought I would identify with the mom more than Will Smith…

  6. “Is this from the 80’s?” you do realize that that statement is the same as if he’d asked you; “is this from the prehistoric era?” and that you might as well just get it over with and show him the pictures of you with the poofy 80’s style hair? (grin)

  7. I’ve been thinking about checking out Kohls’ maternity section to see if it is as good as the rest of the store but haven’t done it yet. Now your post has inspired me to definitely go take a look! Just gotta get me one of those handy coupons!

  8. Friend, I better start praying now that I’m as cool a momma as you. Thank goodness I’ve got a few years before my cool status is questioned by Baby Braly!

  9. No Kohl’s in Canada but we’ve got Winners which is pretty much the same concept. You never know what’s to come, a US company just bought The Hudson Bay Company (The Bay – now that’s Canadian, eh?) Kohl’s is possible.

    Wait until Noah hits about 16, chances are you may not understand a word he says – stay cool while you can. 🙂

  10. Two of my 80’s Halloween costumes were Punky Brewster and Cyndi Lauper. And did anyone else use neon colored puff paint to decorate their shirts?

    I will say that 80’s music still rocks though.

  11. Cindy Beall, you are so not cool…has he told you what that little phrase means… I mean really, one day I’m certain he will come home and tell you, you are so cool, but he won’t mean you’re the! He’ll be speakin another language in acrostic poems… YIKES! (just the facts of life)

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