Hyde & Chestnut

I don’t think I’d ever really enjoy living in San Francisco, California. Not because the city doesn’t have amazing sights to see because it absolutely does. Not because there aren’t breathtaking views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge because by golly, there are most definitely those views. And for sure it isn’t because there aren’t some fun things to do because hello, cable cars. I know, right? I’m a simple creature, really. I’m predictable. I enjoy order. I like to know what I’m going to get. I am not known to be a risk taker although I did purchase a pair of earrings and a matching scarf in Sonoma before I had the opportunity to change my mind. Just livin’ on the edge, I tell you. The reason I don’t think I would enjoy living in a big city is because I’m just not that kind of girl. Big cities intrigue me and I enjoy visiting them. But I don’t want to live there. They are too noisy and busy for me. I need solace. I can’t even claim to be a country girl because I grew up in a subdivision with quarter acre lots. I haven’t ridden a horse in 20+ years nor have I been to a rodeo in a while. I do have cowboy boots, though. But I’m a sucker for a view. I never tire of looking at the mountains. I could spend hours watching the waves crash in on the beach. And when I hiked up a hill that bout near killed my runner’s legs when I was in San Fran recently, I was near vomiting. Until I turned around and saw the view. The people who live at the corner of Chestnut and Hyde know what I’m talking about. They see it every day from their balcony. Their eyes see stunning mountains in the background, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Ghiradelli sign to the left, Alcatraz Island dead center and a picturesque view of the Bay providing a way for ships to enter and exit with their cargo. And I realized at that moment that what I appreciate in life is what my Creator created. Sure, it’s nice to see a manmade bridge that is way cool and a sign that lights up the sky that directs you to some amazing chocolates but those fall incredibly short when I set my eyes on a mountain range or an ocean or a vineyard. With all that being said, if you find a condo for sale on the northwest corner of Hyde & Chestnut…buy it.

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  1. Funny, I have this same view online. I’m gonna miss the “blogosphere” view of chrisitianity. I may be too old and too cold to adapt to rapid changes in online technology. But the view has been fascinating nonetheless. (grin)

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