How To Fight Well – Part 2

It’s the little things in marriage that make it sweet. Like him opening the door for me and putting his hand on the small of my back as I enter a restaurant. I love it when I get a text message from him telling me that he can’t believe that he is blessed with a wife like me. Or his ability to make me laugh while talking like Jack Black from the movie Nacho Libre. There are few things that make me laugh more than hearing him say, “Ees duh Bayst.” It’s also the little things that can drive me up the wall. Like when he leaves his dirty socks next to the bed when has a perfectly good laundry hamper in his closet or when he leaves his dishes on the table to go do some research on the computer or when he doesn’t put his keys, wallet and sunglasses in the basket that is placed on the entry table to house them. Doesn’t everyone have a basket to keep those items? That’s what I thought. But hear this. I don’t sweat those little things anymore. After all we’ve endured in our nearly 16 years together, that kind of stuff just isn’t worth my time. While those small issues can annoy me and can get on my nerves, I don’t let them get the best of me. I’m just not willing to let them steal my energy. So the next time he does something that makes you roll your eyes or when she acts in a way that you think is silly and a tad bit embarrassing, let it go. Because trust me when I say this, in ten years, it really won’t matter. I’m just sayin’.

21 thoughts on “How To Fight Well – Part 2”

  1. You are SO right…and those things don’t need to be pointed out or even mentioned. Also, you’ll find this to be true with your teens…”don’t sweat the small things”.

    You are so smart! Love you.

  2. All I can say is “amen sista”…hee hee! I could not agree with you more. After what Andy and I have been through, just having him is enough. Thanks Cindy!

  3. That goes for both sides, if you can’t let go of the little things it is hard to keep a happy marriage. It is the quirks that makes us unique

  4. Seriously, next time you’re sitting next to him during the salvation prayer, use the Nacho voice. YOu might have to walk out of church just to compose yourself.

    (I’m not saying that either of the Witcher’s has EVER done that or anything…it would just be funny. okay, okay, I about peed my pants when JT did it.)

    Don’t choo want a little taste of the goh-ry? See what is taaste lieeke?

  5. Craig leaves the closet door open. I use to ask him everyday “why do we have doors on the closet if you aren’t going to close them?”. Finally I even got sick of hearing myself nag about it.

    Great advice Mrs. Beall. I guess so I can understand what you and Natalie are talking about I am going to have to go rent Nacho Libre. šŸ™‚

  6. I 2nd Natalie on the prayer thing….although you should just say, “I smell cookies.”

    If you’re a true Nacho fan like we are….you’ll know what I’m sayin’…….

    thanks for the topic. I was marveling at the dirty clothes NEXT to the DIRTY CLOTHES HAMPER (hello???!) in the closet last night. Said nothing. What’s the point? I’ve learned that much. šŸ˜‰

  7. Ok, I was liking this post until you got to the leaving clothes on the floor, getting on the computer and leaving keys and sunglasses out part. Sounds a little too much like me.

  8. I needed to hear that! Sometimes I can get so bent out of shape over the smallest things that Tanner will do. Thanks for keeping it in perspective.

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