How To Clean A Tub Without A Major Injury

My friend, Tam, wanted me to address this issue: How to clean a tub without getting a major injury? Answer? Get in it instead of trying to stretch your 44-inch legs out as far as they can go in order to keep the cleaning solution off of your feet. Next question?

9 thoughts on “How To Clean A Tub Without A Major Injury”

  1. For those big whirlpool/ soaking tubs its handy to buy a toilet bowl brush and use that to clean. Longer reach, clean feet. Be sure and get one that isnt too abrasive. You could also try those brushes that we use to clean our dishes.

  2. I’m trying to find that stuff I see on TV where you hang it in your shower and when yer not looking, it draws a bunch of maids magically to it to clean yer shower. Of course, all those maids tromping thru my house day and night might be a little disturbing. But if cleanliness is next to godliness, then I’m willing to make the sacrifice! I wonder if I can get them to detour thru the kitchen as well. What? (grin)

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