How Much, Folks?

It’s survey time! Will you answer? Don’t y’all leave me hangin’. I need me some answers for an upcoming post. And yes, you can comment anonymously if you are ashamed. Pashaw. How much do you spend on eating out every month? A. $50 or less B. $51-$150 C. $151-$250 D. $251 and up

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  1. We would fall in the $51-$150 category, but only eat out about once a month unless we’re traveling somewhere. We sit down to a family meal nightly, so the times we go out to eat we pick something fun and different. Very seldom fast food.

  2. I just broke it all down yesterday. If you count all the times my hubby stops for a drink or snack at the gas station, it came out to right over $200. Ugh! That needs to change!

  3. We are in the midst of house hunting, my husband living two hours away from us during the week due a job change, and all the traveling due to that temporary situation. Consequently, ours is in a high range right now….I don’t even want to know how much we are spending…:) Typically it would be A.

  4. c. we are at a point in our lives where we are running all the time…sounds funny. I am retired and my husband is semi-retired (he coaches swimming and runs 3 businesses out of our home, so that sounds funny!)

  5. Wish it was A every month, we’re getting there. I’d say B, but working towards the A. We start Financial Peace University this month, so I am sure it will be at A very soon!

  6. Sadly the answer is D

    With our teenagers and my father in law at home. Lunch Monday – Friday is about the only time that my husband and I have alone. We use that time to connect, refresh and remind ourselves that we are more then caregivers and parents. I wish we spent less money on them but I wouldn’t trade those lunches for anything.

  7. Probably A, we are on a tight budget now that my hubby is starting a new career. Plus, we are tightwads! We have no debt though!!!

  8. I guess the answer is A. We have 5 kids and we usually only spend our eating out money on pizza and then only once a month, if that.

  9. God really convicted me of this over the past few months. I live alone and love to cook, but often times the “peer pressure” to go out to lunch every day with co-workers meant spending MORE money for food (on top of groceries) and then NOT eating leftovers (which several times meant the food eventually ended up in the trash) 🙁

    I’m a tightwad at heart, and by reviewing my bank statements and realizing how costly eating out had become ($$wise AND health-wise), I’ve been able to go from Mid-B to A!

    Now, eating out seems like more of a treat, and when my boyfriend takes me out, I have even MORE appreciation for it (and him), rather than just thinking “here I go, eating out again…”

  10. In the past, it’s been a B, working towards A. We made it in January! Teaching those teenagers how to cook (er, put things in the oven when I’m leaving work) is really working!! Also, I’ve gotten some crock pot recipes so dinner is ready when I get home from work.

  11. With people, including Starbucks meetings…probably B-C …I don’t have anywhere else to invite people. *sad day*

  12. B. 50 – 150. The toddler is too crazy to take anywhere, really. What did someone say once? Taking a toddler to a restarant is like taking a moose to a ballet.

    So the eat out budget is left for when my husband and I can get out twice a month or so.

  13. B

    We’re working on keeping it closer to the $50.00 mark, but honestly, we enjoy going out to eat, especially for date night. I don’t go shopping for clothes all the time, and we’re tight on our budget in every other area, so “splurging” a little on food is fine with me. I don’t feel guilty at all.

    Except….don’t ask me WHAT I order. That’s a whole ‘nother issue. (We can pretty much scarf down that whole basket of chips and salsa at Abuelo’s before our drink order is taken…. 😉

  14. I’ll have to ask Jerome. I literally do not know. I pay no attention because I do nothing with our finances. And these days all I spend money on personally is groceries. We do eat out once a week for our date night. We usually eat out at least once on the weekends as a family.

  15. We would usually be in group b. Mostly because we’re really working on spending less. We set a budget at the beginning of the month and stick to that. We rarely got out to eat to a restaurant. Mostly get Little Caesar’s pizza for family night.

  16. D – Our family routinely eats out on Sundays after church. We also like Chinese buffets, Braums, McDonalds, Taco Bueno, and many others. I also have to include the lunches I eat on the road during the week – I’m in sales and have never liked “carrying” my lunch, but have done it on occassion.

  17. My answer is B. I try not to eat out too much but maybe once a week if I can help it. This is the anwer for us as a family. This doesn’t include my husband’s lunches. I rarely eat out for lunch at work…but sometimes my husband has too if there are no leftovers.

  18. I would probally have to say B on the lower end (just guessing). But we are trying to cut back alot, I make my husbands lunch everyday so that helps alot.

  19. OMG!! Being a professional youth sports spectator lends its hand to eating out alot. Oh, we try to bring healthy snacks but it never seems to be enough. We are definitely D.

  20. UM>>> A. (Now Matt has been traveling and getting meal money so I am sure he is living the high life when it come to meals) The girls and I settle for the bueno coupons we get from their Pepaw who builds the Buenos. So yeah I am think maybe a 50 or less range.

  21. Hmmm….in the past I’ve actually tried to cook myself, etc and save money. I actually ended up spending more, eating the same food for three days, and throwing the rest out (freezer burn, etc). Cooking for one is not necessarily a better way to go than eating out.

    I’m definitely beyond the $250 mark…and I know I’m not a big spender when it comes to food. Lunches are around $3-5 and my dinner is about $5-9 (say if I go have take out…it’s $11-13 but I can stretch it for two days). Plus, I don’t do the $4 starbucks ever…MAYBE once or twice every few months when I’m meeting people- that’s just because it’s a popular meeting place.

    I was raised to not feel guilty about my food spending, especially on regular food. The only thing that ma momma told me was to not waste food. Eating out and stretch it to double portion works best for me. The big money actually goes to fruits…

    If this makes you feel any better Cindy…I got my multiple excel sheets (formulas, linking, expense tracking, monthly spending, etc…). Gotta love those spreadsheets!!!!

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