House Pics

Several of you asked to see photos. Drum roll, please. Study…where I blog 🙂 img_0659.jpg Formal Dining (minus formal dining furniture) img_0662.jpg Stairway img_0663.jpg Living Room img_0665.jpg Master Bedroom…ooh la la img_0667.jpg Seth’s & Jack’s Room img_0669.jpg Noah’s Room img_0673.jpg Upstairs landing img_0671.jpg Breakfast Area img_0666.jpg Kitchen img_0677.jpg View of entry from upstairs landing img_0676.jpg Bonus Room…aka “Man Cave” and Theater Room img_0674.jpg View from front porch (lots of construction next door) img_0678.jpg Back Porch img_0679.jpg Back Porch (It needed a 2nd picture) img_0680.jpg Front img_0682.jpg

24 thoughts on “House Pics”

  1. wow, beautiful dream home! Can you share how in the world people can afford such homes? I got the feeling you were a stay at home mom and your husband a pastor. Can you share with your readers how you budget etc…I hope this doesn’t come across as judgemental, totally not my tone, just honestly curouius. or however you spell that! If you aren’t offended, you could send me an email:) I would love to hear how you guys do it. hugs Amy

  2. ok so where’s my room?!?!? (j/k) I mean, I know you have plans for me to live with you for the rest of my life, right?

    Darn, now I’m gonna have to come up with reasons to come all the way out there to see you:)

  3. Wow Chris and Cindy….how gorgeous is your house. I’m so very excited for you both. Can’t wait to see it in person. I hope we can some day. I love the floors, the built ins (in all the rooms) the countertops and island in the kitchen…the back porch…just love it all.
    Hugs and kisses to the 4 of you from your family in Texas.

  4. Cindy…WOW, WOW, WOW! Your new home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am so lovin’ your kitchen…that black island and those granite countertops…hee hee! It truly looks just like “home sweet home”! I am so happy for you both!!!! What a blessing!

  5. Cindy,
    Goodness, it is really beautiful. I am totally jealous (in a spiritual way, of course) I would love to build my dream home in the country someday. Congratulations!! 🙂 I hope Noahs “party” went wonderfully!

  6. You’re house is beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking, what shade of paint did you use in the formal dining room and the living room? I am racking my brain trying to find a great shade for my bedroom and the hallway and I love that paint color.

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