Horseflies And Buzzards

My blog friend, Chrissy, has this in the last part of her “about me” section on her blog:
Life is beautiful, but it’s not always fireflies and hummingbirds. Sometimes it’s horseflies and buzzards. But we take the good with the bad and we keep moving forward. In faith.
I think that’s just funny.  Horseflies and buzzards.  I’d like to add katydids in there, too. Isn’t life just like that?  You have these grandiose plans that look bout near perfect and then your tire blows out when you are less than 100 miles from your home as you are finishing up a 10-day vacation with your husband and three sons. But that’s an entirely different blog post. Ahem. During the month of July, some of my posts about marriage will be up on Chrissy’s site.  So, hop on over to it by clicking on this link www.firefliesandhummingbirds.net. Talk soon, friends.

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