His Name Means “Healer”

My heart is a little more tender today. Tender for my dear friend who lost her grandbaby two days ago. Tender for the young parents who long to hold their baby boy just one more time. Tender for the big sister who wants to know where Bubba is. And when she is told “He’s smiling and laughing and playing in Heaven with Jesus” she says “Okay” and goes about her merry way until she wonders again where her Bubba is. I wish I understood God’s ways so that I could give this family the comfort they need. But I do not. If you would lift this family up in prayer as they continue on this journey that started in early December, I would be forever grateful.

14 thoughts on “His Name Means “Healer””

  1. I will absolutely pray for this family today. Usually the best response we can give to those suffer loss is “I am so sorry.”

  2. My heart is aching. I am moved by the love that surrounded that beautiful boy his entire life. It is so painful to lose someone so special.

    We are grieving with you in Texas…

  3. His life was lived as a faith-builder. And his parents’ and grandparents are shining examples of a living, breathing faith—they taught us how to trust God even more.

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