His Momma Must Have Been Proud

Colt It was his final and most important game donning the Texas Longhorn jersey.  All-American quarterback, Colt McCoy, had been pursuing this his entire college career: The BCS National Championship. But two minutes into the game on January 7, 2010, a hit from behind lands him on the sidelines for the rest of the game. My heart immediately sank.  Our Oklahoma home was full of friends who love the Texas Longhorns.  We were nervous, but hopeful that our boys could pull it out.  Because although we are about Jesus, our families, and our ministry, watching Texas Longhorn football falls in line shortly after that. What? After rallying in the 4th quarter and coming within three points of Alabama, Texas was showing that they still had something to give.  Something they were willing to fight for.  Unfortunately, that didn’t last long due to a fumble by our most precious true freshman, Garrett Gilbert. As the game came to an end, I was anxiously awaiting to hear from Colt.  After a few seconds of silence, he gained his composure and delivered very classy and God-honoring words.  Tears welled up in my eyes and I couldn’t have been more proud. And I’m not even his momma. I think the part of his interview that touched me the most was this line:
“God is in control of my life and I know if nothin’ else, I’m standing on the rock.”
He didn’t win the Heisman trophy. He didn’t win a National Championship Title. He walked away with an injury that could damage his NFL hopes. But he’s standing on the rock.  He knows his future is bright.  He knows who he is.  And that makes me want to spend time with his momma and ask her, What in the world did you do in that boy’s life to make him say that?” Oh, to have a cup of coffee with Mrs. McCoy.  Because she has boys and I have boys and maybe, just maybe I could learn a few or twenty things from her.

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  1. I’m very proud of Colt too. (and of his parents!) but I am most glad that my boys were watching that game and were able to see such character in one that they admired! Thanks Colt, for being you and let that shine for all of us (especially my boys who want to “grow up” and play football).

  2. Cindy…. funny you wrote this… that night I thought the same exact thing… what did his Momma do to raise him this well… cuz I wanna do it too!!!!!!!

  3. I was so amazed, too, that Colt had the maturity to say “I never question why things happen the way they do.” For some reason, I had felt a strong calling before the game to pray for his protection – and the platform God was going to give him. I had let others know about his accomplishments, but reminded them that the thing I was MOST impressed with was how he represented the Lord. I felt he spoke for so many of us that night. The most incredible thing to me was the number of people who told me they NEVER watch football (what?) yet they saw what he had to say, and they saw the kind of faith that was real in his life. And it moved them, many to tears. He had a platform alright! And I’ll bet his buddy, Sam Bradfford, was able to minister to him in ways that no one else could. Yes, Colt is definitely the kid of man I pray that I’m raising, as well as the kind of guy I hope my daughter one day brings home. He saved the best for last in his college career. Who knew it wouldn’t involve his performance on the field? God bless him as he defies the skeptics and moves on to prove his mettle in the NFL.

  4. I, too, am a Colt McCoy fan. And I must admit that I couldn’t bring myself to follow the game too closely after his injury, but his resounding “standing on the rock” affirmation reached so many people that would never make it church to hear such a testimony, one can see, perhaps, how this was “the greater good.”

    I work with a Mom to Mom group (young moms) and I copied your post to share with them tomorrow. The lesson is on Tools for Shaping Self-Worth which fits just perfectly. My daughter in Atlanta logged on and read your post as well. Keep sharing those pearls of wisdom with us!

  5. I’m not a football fan…. Don’t even know who this boy is… but I must say, his momma and daddy did right! What an awesome thing!

  6. I know…we felt so sorry for that boy! Did you see when they showed his mom in the stands and she was crying…I wanted to go hug her!!

    I know what you mean…that boy made his momma proudl…to have a boy who would profess God is his rock on TV after what just happened to him in front of millions of people! I also would like to sit with his mom and have a cup of coffee and say….great job!

  7. i spent most of the game telling Pete “if i was Gilbert’s momma i’d be puking in the stands.” i’m not knocking his performance at all. i just can’t imagine watching one of my children under that much PRESSURE!!! 🙂

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