His Bee


It’s his security.  It’s his comfort.  It’s his blanket.  Also affectionately referred to as his bee because he couldn’t say blanket.  And so we left it at that. We’d been wondering how long he’d carry it around and use it to cover a portion of his body at night.  And now we have our answer.  It went a little something like this on Tuesday morning…
Seth:  Dad, I want to sell my bee. Chris:  Really?  To whom? Seth:  The little girl down the street or on Ebay. Chris:  You do, huh?  For how much? Seth:  Five dah-wers.
Apparently, his security can be sold for a mere five bucks.   Of course, I didn’t do it.  It’s hidden in my closet.  But I’m not sure if I’m keeping it for him or for me. Sniff.  

25 thoughts on “His Bee”

  1. My oldest daughter ‘used’ hers til she was nine….by then it was thread bare and in pieces….but you could still find the pieces folded in the bottom of her drawer, years later. It’s an interesting security attachment.

  2. My 14 year old is attached to a stuffed animal. She left for science camp this morning and it went with her. She doesnt HAVE to have it, but when given a choice….:)

  3. No doubt, it’s for you! My son is 6, and he still sleeps with Moosie (a Swedish stuffed moose) and Mimi (his little blue blanket.) I have done some pretty crazy things for Moosie and Mimi. I once delayed an American Airlines flight to look for them. Even the Captain called down to TSA to search for the missing lovies. It’s quite the story. I need to blog on that one.

    That boy of yours is a beauty. I’m still serious about arranged marriages.

  4. I can’t believe I just typed “what ‘his’ he planning”. I mean “is”, of course. I’m blaming that one on pregnancy.

  5. gage, our 4 year old, still has a blankie. he got rid of his lovey at easter… then adopted a blankie!

    it isn’t allowed to leave his bed though… so he’ll probably go into marriage with it!

    sweet bee! love that he wants to sell it… sounds like you have entrepreneur on your hands! 🙂

  6. Daniel is sure his stuffed dog, “Rocket,” will enter heaven with him. It’s the only bit of theology I’m willing to fudge on. Of course Rocket will go to heaven!

    On keeping the bee….a relative of mine kept HERS till she had her first baby, then grandma took her knitted blankie and crocheted it mixed with new yarn for the new baby. So the blankie lives on.

    And I love the dah-wers. 😉

  7. My father-in-law kept my husband’s “special” blanket in storage after he was “too old” for it. It reappeared after we were married and settled in our home together. It’s thread bare and falling apart, but for some reason we still have that thing in a box somewhere in this house! 🙂

  8. My mom gave me mine when I move out about 20-something years ago. I have it with the outfit I wore home from the hospital. Ziplocs are wonderful things!

  9. I still remember when my mom took my blanket away when I was 4. That was 34 years ago 🙂
    My youngest (6) still has a blanket she sleeps with.

  10. My oldest (7yr) has ‘frog blankie’ as we affectionatly call it. He doesn’t plan on letting it go anytime soon

  11. he is so sweet. and how awesome that he initiated the “letting go”-ness. even if he did want to make a buck or two (or five) in the process…

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