High School Aspirations

My ambition as a senior in high school was to be the next Amy Grant. Tis true. Singing has been around me and in me my entire life. My mother, who graduated with a degree in music herself, tells me that when I was a toddler, I would lay in bed at night and just sing. Sing, sing, sing. No wonder it’s in me. But since that time, another love has invaded my heart and my mind. I never imagined in a million years that anything could surpass my love of music. And while that love for music is still strong, still very strong, so strong that there is a part of me that hopes they’ll make an American Idol for people in their 40’s, my love for writing is stronger. I write in my head while I’m lying in bed at night or driving in my car or listening to friends talk. I don’t try to do all of those things, it just happens. I’m now wired this way. I think back to those days of wanting to sing and record. Days where I would have given anything to have been noticed for my voice. But nothing happened and I am convinced it is because God had something else in mind. Something else that would bring him more glory. This is my gig. It’s what I do. And I am absolutely loving every minute of it. Thanks, God, for steering me in a direction where I can share more of you with the world.

22 thoughts on “High School Aspirations”

  1. And, you’re pretty doggone good at it. God’s plan isn’t always our plan. Look at me. I live in Oklahoma!

    And, I even said “Boomer Sooner” this morning.

  2. Me too…I always liked writing, I always said I wanted to write a book…and then somewhere along the way I decided that I knew what I wanted and what was best for me WAY more than God.

    How dumb was I?

    Anywhoo after landing my “dream job” I quickly realized that I had NO idea what was best for me and in seeking His purpose He has opened up pathways towards writing…what I loved as a little girl. God is so cool, I love Him.

  3. I love to sing but my son thinks it’s a mortal sin. I’m only permitted to sing under my breath and never with the windows open. I’m thankful that God gave each of us a special way to praise Him. So when will you be video blogging a sample of your singing??? 🙂

  4. I love your writing. Your words have blessed me more than you will ever know. There are many nights that I lie awake and ruminate over the content of your posts and think about how they apply to my own life.

    I’m so glad you don’t plan to give it up anytime soon. 🙂

  5. Trust me people Cindy Beall can do some mighty fine SINGING!!! I know…I stood next to her and didn’t sing a note out of fear of embarrassment!

    She sings as good as she writes!! She is a better friend then she is a singer or writer though…And believe it or not She really SHINES at MOMMYHOOD!!!

  6. Singing was MY high school aspiration too! I really thought that was where the Lord was calling me…He steered me in the writing direction and honestly -at first -I was devastated.

    Now? I wouldn’t change a thing. Writing makes me come alive for His glory. He knows so much better than I. To think I wanted to go my own way thinking it was what I desired when all along there was this…

  7. i can so relate. i always wanted to preach…to be like the next christine caine or something. not so much that i wanted to be in the limelight – but it just felt right. i felt so annointed when i would get the opportunity to speak…
    that has never panned out for me – but i love writing as well. it totally helps me get out the messages i have inside me. i get to preach by writing…even if no one is reading.
    thanks for writing.
    please keep it up.
    you are amazing.

  8. I’ve been around your site off and on for a little while, but I need you to know that this post completely resonated with me.
    I kinda wanted to be Sarah McLachlan. I figured that I had enough musical talent to do…something with it, but I had a light bulb moment about one year ago, and realized my love had changed. It’d shifted, just like yours has- into a love for writing. I see life expressed through pen and paper, not a camera, or a speech, or a music instrument- pen and paper. It’s been a pretty cool journey so far.

    I’m not really as in love with music as a I used to be. Someone told me my voice sounded more like Alanis Morriset mixed with Tracy Chapmen- not so much Sarah M I’d say. Plus, touring would be exhausting and boring- I’m an introvert. And I’d really only enjoy it because I’d get to write about my experiences.

    Anyway. You probably didn’t expect my abridged life story about how God has shown me what He made me for, but there you have it.

    Thanks for being a writer. People learn more about Jesus because of it. I have!

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