He’s Just Like His Momma…


Not only does the child love cookie dough and have a temper like I do, he also loves to encourage. Here are a few of the things he says all on his own without any coaching: “Mom, you and Dad are good workers!” “I wuv you and Dad so much.” “Noah, is a good brudder.” And my all-time favorite is on Sunday mornings after I’ve gotten ready for church and put on my make-up: “Mom, you wook beautiful and nice!”

16 thoughts on “He’s Just Like His Momma…”

  1. Thats better than ” Mom you look better with make-up on” YES! I got that one before….But my kids love on me and bless me every day…even when they are sassy! 🙂 Great post…Happy Place!!!

  2. Doesn’t that make it all worth it!! If you really think about it, these little comments are our affirmation that we are doing a good job! I just love three year olds they can make you feel so special!

  3. Too cute. Those are some sweet boys you have. Mikala always says….”good job mom” it is especially funny just after I have used the bathroom. I have my own personal cheering squad to go pee. Yeah Me!

  4. I was talking to Chris the other day at the OKC campus and told him about how you posts had really opened my eyes and changed me. I thought I would return the favor by possibly saving you a very sick kid one day. One of my best friend’s child got Salmonella from the raw eggs in the cookie dough and nearly died from it. Might want to hack off your kids and not let them lick the spoon, the dough isn’t safe until cooked. Love your blog

  5. Cindy, I just love your posts about your boys! I normally don’t know how to comment – I just think ‘I hope I’m a mom like that with kids like that’. 🙂 Love you!!

  6. That’s so sweet! I hope my daughter, who is just about 2, will have traits that build up others. We are doing our best to teach her the right things (and get her to listen)…sometimes it feels like a losing battle. Your post gave me encouragement. 🙂

  7. I’m with Libby…don’t know what to say…
    I LOVE little Sethers! He is too cute for words, and incredibly wise for a 3 yr old!
    Love you all…so when’s the next sleepover, cuz you know I’m not truckin all the way out there w/out a good rest 😉

  8. Cindy, you should follow him around with a tape recorder for a couple of days (do they still make those?). I’ll be 49 in May and I have to say that as the empty nest syndrome is closer than ever, I long for the good ole days. I wish I had recorded their “isms”. A picture just can’t say enough.

  9. my boys say the funniest things I wish I could follow them with a recorder. They are just so innocent and honest I love it.

  10. I love when he said “Worwen (that is my name in seth language) did you know that jesus died right there on that big white cross.” It was the cutest thing…made we want kids…

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