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He’s Healed!

He played hard outside on Monday afternoon. He rode his bike around the neighborhood while I ran. In addition to that, he participated in a neighborhood game of football and came home with grass all over him. As he walked in the door for dinner, I knew he didn’t feel good. But, he waited to tell me until the sun went down for fear that I’d make him come inside. Which, of course, I would have. I took his temperature and it registered at 100.5. If it had been 99.2 or even 99.5, I wouldn’t have thought it was such a big deal. But two degrees above his supposed normal body temperature? Time to lay the boy down and figure out my next step. By the time he woke up Tuesday morning, his fever had risen to 102.5. Dosing him with alternating rounds of Tylenol and Advil didn’t get the fever to break. Waiting for our 2:00 appointment in the afternoon seemed to take forever. But once we were there, an uncomfortable swab up his nostril proved what was causing the fever, cough and runny nose: Flu, Strand A. I requested the prayers of many and gave the boy an expensive dose of Tamiflu, which he barely got down because he was gagging the entire time. He then laid on the sofa and rested while his eyes reddened and his face got weaker-looking throughout the evening. Tuesday evening his fever got to an alarming 103.8 degrees. I was a little freaked out, if I’m being honest. I was concerned about a febrile seizure since he’d had one before. But, in the night, he managed to get down some medicine that helped. And by 9:00 the next morning, his fever was gone. GONE. And with the exception of two hours on Wednesday evening, the fever stayed gone. By Friday afternoon, he was playing outside and waving his arms in the air as if he’d been set free. Indeed he had. Who gets diagnosed with the flu on Tuesday afternoon and has no fever the next morning? My son does, that’s who. He said, “Mom, I can’t believe God healed me!” Believe it, son. That’s what He does. He’s a healer. He’s the healer.

5 thoughts on “He’s Healed!”

  1. WoooOHooooo! Don’t you love to watch God answer a prayer to awe our little ones! Oh, and us too!

    And speaking of healing, I can’t remember if you know Joanne Heim or read her blog: http://thesimplewife.typepad.com, but she is in much need of prayer for healing after having a massive stroke on Tuesday… and she’s way young! Please keep her and her family in prayer as they walk through this valley of the unknown. She is truly laying right in the middle of the valley of the shadow of death.

  2. My oldest son got very sick while we were on a trip overseas in December. He has not officially said he has accepted Christ into his heart, but he is only 10. Well, he was so ill, that at one point he got down on his knees and just started praying to God to heal him. He knew no one else could. I say that is a come to Jesus moment for sure. We then all started praying. Even my 5 year old! He soon felt better. He knows God healed him, and now he thanks God every night for healing him. It made my heart happy that he was putting his faith in God. 🙂 I was also so happy he was feeling better!!! God did hear my baby boy!

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