Her Name Was Savannah

I barely had my Bachelor of Science degree in my hand, and somehow, in some strange way, the Comal Independent School District in New Braunfels, Texas, trusted me to nurture twenty-two 9-year olds from August to May. Oh dear. Funds were extremely tight those days as my $1,300 a month salary was supposed to carry the hubby and me through while he finished his degree. So, because my mother only let me shop from the clearance racks at stores while I was growing up, I did what all frugal gals did. I sewed my clothes. It was quite fancy of me, I know. Every single outfit I wore was made by these ten fingers that are writing to you now. Imagine the sheer joy I felt when I could make an entire outfit, matching bow included, for under $10. (It was 1994 so matching bows were in, thank you. They did look quite loverly on me. Just ask the hubs.) My 3rd grade team typically taught in units so I thought it would be oh so cool to make a vest to go with each unit. When we did our Chocolate theme, I had a vest with chocolate candies on the fabric. When we did our Christmas unit, I made a few vests with all sorts of decor on them to celebrate the season. When we did our Charlotte’s Web theme, I had a vest with pigs on it. Sho nuff did. All of that to say… There was a young girl in my class that year named Savannah. Her long, red, wavy locks were to die for. She was as sweet as chocolate meringue pie. I adored her. One particular day she came into class quite gloomy. In my normal let me give you a hug fashion, I asked what it was that was making her so sad. She started to cry and told me her saga. I finally realized what happened in her life to cause such drama. She ended our talk with, “But, my mom says even though it’s a curse, that I’ll be better in 5 to 7 days.” If she only knew.

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  1. That is hilarious! I took a sewing class and made my Easter outfit one year, I thought I was the coolest thing ever! The vest thing cracks me up, such a 90s thing, and they are back, you might have to break them out again.

  2. I dare you to wear a vest and matching bow to church this weekend. I would LOVE to see pics of these creations. Ha! I can’t believe you have already written a post today. You are an early bird! Love the story!

  3. Oh Cindy, Cindy, Cindy. That is too funny. I sewed my stuff too. In high school I would sew for my friends and in return they would buy the fabric for my next oh-so-simple skirt to match my newest jellies! There should’ve been some kind of law against those…

  4. Sorry to say I can only sew on buttons. I was scrolling down looking for what was wrong with Savannah. Took me a minute to catch on LOL

  5. I had a few vests in my day too…but mostly I made shorts and skirts (easy) and yes, a few matching bows.

    I like how you leave us hanging here so we will have to tune in tomorrow for the rest of this story…hopefully.

  6. Oh my goodness…Comal Co. is just up the road from me!

    Do you remember the oh-so-chic dresses made by attaching fabric to the hem of a tshirt? Even better if the tshirt had been handpainted with fabric paint.

  7. I’m sorry…but after hearing about how you dressed yourself, don’t be surprised if a man and a woman looking vaguely familiar, named Clinton and Kelly (if you watch TLC) show up when you least expect it, with a credit card loaded with 5K and a 360 mirror to go over your wardrobe…

    (I don’t have much room to talk….I wore leg warmers even when I wasn’t in dance class)

  8. My goodness…is that ‘curse’ what I think it is? Took me a few minutes wondering what it’s about…..

    I ain’t da quickest kid on the block sometimes.

  9. That was a time of fashion. I remember it well and am thankful it has passed! Poor Savannah, she’s so young…I am dreading the day for my oldest who is 11 1/2!

  10. I didn’t catch on to what the “curse” was right away…I was seriously thinking her mother was a witch or something for a second 🙂 …third grade is pretty young…I thought I was an early bloomer…

  11. I’m with Julie and Yonas. took me waaayy too long to get that.

    I sew on missing buttons. it only takes me about 10 minutes.


    not so good?

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