He Misses A Man He’s Never Met

“What was your dad like?”  My 10-year old asked me the other day. “Well, he was tall and had short hair and he would have loved you,” I replied trying to take his mind off the fact that he’ll never meet my Dad this side of Heaven. “I wish I could have met him,” he said very quietly. “Me, too,” I told him. “I miss him,” came his surprising reply. Blotting tears from my eyes I said, “Me, too, Noah.  Me, too.”

11 thoughts on “He Misses A Man He’s Never Met”

  1. Every time I think of my Dad…tears well up in my eyes. It’s been 4 1/2 years but it seems like yesterday at times. My son is getting married in 2 1/2 weeks and I know that my thoughts will go to my Dad and how he would have LOVED seeing his oldest grandchild commit his heart to this wonderful young woman…bittersweet!

  2. This came at the right time today.

    It’s the innocece of a child that blazes our heartstrings. Huh?

    Thank you for sharing a intimate moment friend.

    Love ya!

  3. Ditto this conversation with Hope.

    She is upset that she is the only one that didn’t get to meet him. Even though Ryan has no memory of it. We are coming up on the 14th anniversary and it still hits me. Not ususally at holidays but more just with normal everyday things. He will pop in my head or I will pick up the phone to call and tell him something forgetting just for that second that I can’t call him.

  4. I loved this story… Very emotional!
    My daughter asks about my SIL that passed away before she was born. Then she gets sad she never met her!

  5. Now, why’d you have to go and post this? I miss my dad, too. We were good buddies; we loved to fish and hang out together.

    It would have been nice for him to see our grandchildren; he did live to see our kids, and was instrumental in spoiling them with the help of my wife. They turned out okay, though!

    My wife and I talk about our parents often, so the grandchildren will be aware of who they are. My mother died about two years ago, and got to spend some wonderful moments with the grands, and those are precious memories.

  6. This is so similar to a conversation I had with my 5 year old stepdaughter. I talk about “Grandpa Roger” a lot to her so she will at least know who he was.

    Here is our conversation one day:

    Layne: I was talking about Grandpa Roger at day care.

    Mom: You were? What did you say?

    Layne: I don’t know

    Mon: Well, he is smiling down from heaven at you and he would have loved you very much.

    Layne: Yeah – that’s what I said.

    My father died before I met and married my husband so he never met him or my special wedding gift daughters – but he would have loved taking my 13 year old tomboy stepdaughter fishing and he would have loved my 5 year old girly-girl stepdaughter’s curls and giggles. I can’t wait for them to meet face to face when Jesus introduces them!!!

  7. okay, now I am wiping tears from my eyes. what a sweet conversation! I lost my dad when I was 13 and I am sad that my son will not have him in his life. But I resolve to make sure he knows his poppy and how wonderful he was!

  8. Oh, that makes me cry.

    Brian’s dad passed away 6 months before Faith was born so none of our kids ever met him. Just today when we were driving home from school passing a cemetery Faith asked me. “Mom if Grandpa K was buried there would we visit his grave more?”

    I miss Brian’s dad so I can’t imagine how much more he misses him and you miss yours.

  9. This made me cry, too. It reminded me of the time my 6yo asked my mom about her dad. Then, he asked what his name was. With a tear rolling down her cheek she said , “Henry. Just like you.”

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