He Lied About The Water

I’m pretty sure that some of you are going to tell me that I’m oversharing on this issue. And I’m okay with that 🙂 My little one loves white milk. (Not purple, green or red milk.  Not even chocolate milk.  White milk.) He also loves cheese.  But not water.  And because he loves white milk and cheese, but not water, he has some issues. And I think you know what I mean. These issues are so bad that when he is going “#2” he has cried his little heart out and said, “Dis is duh wurst day of my whoe wife.” Now, I am making sure that he drinks water.   We’ve tripled his water intake and things are much better.  But, it doesn’t go without a fight. Just the other night I told him that he had to finish his glass of water before he could get the blessed white milk.  A few minutes later I came back in the kitchen and this is how the scene went:
Seth:  (Smiling from ear to ear) I finished aw ov duh water, mommy! Me:  Seth!  I am so proud of you.  Let me go get your white milk.  (Walking towards the refrigerator, grinning ear to ear and showing him the pleasure that he has just brought me) Seth:  (Still smiling but beginning to look a little distraught) Me:  (Starring and smiling at him while I am pouring the white milk) Seth:  (Entering the kitchen with a sad look) I didn’t drink duh water, mommy.  I onwy had one sip.  I put duh west in duh sink.  (Continuing to look at me with a sad face; starting to cry) Me:  (Smiling on the inside and out) Oh, honey.  That’s okay.  I am so proud of you for coming and telling Mommy the truth.  Thank you.  Here, because you came and told me the truth, you can have your white milk. Seth:  (Smile returns) Thank you, Mommy.  (Gives me a big hug)
I wish he hadn’t lied. But I love that he felt terrible about doing so and then confessed. What a beautiful heart he has.

20 thoughts on “He Lied About The Water”

  1. You made a good choice in rewarding him for his honesty. There is always plenty of time to “drink water”. Lessons in telling the truth are precious. Sweet post to go with a good cup of coffee. I do so enjoy my mornings with you…I mean your posts!! love

  2. Aww… Your interpretation in original language made the story. What a cute and lovable story. My 3 year old has done similar and it almost breaks my heart to see innocent true repentance.

  3. Sweet boy. He’s learning! And we have the opposite problem– only with apple juice. Mine would love to have an iv hooked up with it flowing into their veins. So we have to force water too. Too much apple juice can lead to too much #2 if you know what I mean! =)

  4. just another blessing of your hubby walking in freedom… breaking the curse of lying and deception for generations to come!! GREAT JOB BEALLS!!!

  5. Wow. I actually started crying reading this one. How precious & what a gift to have a repentant heart at so young an age so quickly. And also, what a blessing to have a mom & dad that love him & teach him right from wrong. What a good idea to give him the milk anyway for confessing the truth. What a great illustration of God’s grace in so many ways.

  6. I love that he told the truth! He is so sweet. My son has the same problem Seth does and he loves all the thing Seth does. He would scream and cry and say its the worst day ever when he had to go #2. Now, we let him have what he likes any time, but we put Miralax in the white milk, and anything he drinks. He can’t taste it and he no longer has a problem with #2. Miralax rocks!

  7. Well, now. This is most interesting, so I’ll just skip to the part where Seth confesses. That must have been a very touching moment for you both, and I’m proud of Seth for letting you know. Great job, Miss Cindy.

  8. Sure, rub it in that your kid actually feels bad when he lies. I’m pretty sure mine just comes up with a new lie to cover the old one. =)

  9. Cindy, precious memories you’re sharing. Thanks. I heard this first from your Momma as I’d missed reading your blog that day. I mentioned this to your mom this morning in SS and she suggested I just inform you directly. I have a niece who lives in Edmond and has just opened a new business near Wal-Mart. My niece’s name is Kim Dawson; I think the business name is “Make It Your Own.” Check out when you get a chance. Displaced Texans need to stay in touch!

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