He Is Still My Provider

75 I met Chris Beall just over 17 years ago. We’ve been through a gamut of financial seasons together.  From purchasing some of our groceries on my mom’s Diamond Shamrock credit card to having an excess of funds at the end of the month.  We’ve seen plenty and we’ve seen want. I remember days when we had $10 leftover to last us through the rest of the month.  I remember days when we scrounged around looking for loose change to make a quick trip to Taco Bell.  I remember wondering how in the world we were going to afford new tires. We’re older and wiser now.  We don’t spend everything we make and haven’t for years.  So, because of that, we have an excess of funds each month.  Funds that we put away for a rainy day or vacations or giving to those in need. And that is a lot of fun. But today, I am reminding myself that even though I am not crying out to God because I don’t know how I’ll feed my children today, He is still my provider. He is still my Jehovah Jireh.
So Abraham named that place The Lord Provides. Even today people say, “On the mountain of the Lord it will be provided.” Genesis 22:14
Got a story to share about God’s provision in your life?

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  1. There are so many stories of God’s provision in my life. One thing I know for sure is that whenever I am need, He always shows me that HE is my source. I’ve never been forsaken or out beggin’ for bread. Dessert maybe….but never bread.

  2. I’ve never commented here before, but enjoy the blog!

    I recently returned from a prayer/vision trip through South Asia. God provided over and above the $3,000 I needed to make the trip – most of the money came in within one month!

    And we definitely saw God’s provision on the trip – SO MANY answered prayers. It was incredible.

  3. just wanted to say…..LOVE the pic of you two. very intimate, beautiful pic 🙂 I love you both very much.

  4. i just found your website. your story is AMAZING! my marriage too has been affected by an affair and i am still married to my wonderful husband and soulmate. it’s great to hear another story of commitment. and this post today…awesome, i am in the midst of the financial concerns right now and this was reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    thanks – God bless!

  5. story:

    years ago after the birth of our first child, WE decided we wanted to be in Texas near my parents. we were all eating mexican (of course) at the mall when a tornado came through FTW and destroyed a downtown skyscraper as well as my car.

    we were so poor and honestly, i was pretty peeved at God. my husband’s truck was beat purdynear to death the previous may in a tornado in gainesville, if you can believe that, so i wasnt really happy about going through it again. and did i mention how poor we were?

    since it was such a big thing city wide, insurance companies set up tents to go and have your damage assessed. so the hubs took my car down, bless its heart and the guy cut us a check right there.

    you see, the car was paid for and in our names, so the money was ours to do with as we saw fit, fix it or what….

    that money just about paid every bill we had, so we were debt free. the car was still driveable altough there were a few dimples and the windows had to be replaced. God destroyed my car and set us free….

    Hes awesome like that….

  6. I’m so glad that I sat down to read and write this. Just before this I was making my kids Venison Tacos for dinner and sickened by the thought of having venison (of which I am not a fan) one more time. I needed reminded that this wonderful meat was provided by God through a friend who knows we’re having a hard time financially and gave us this year’s kill to help us out. Thanks, Cindy. He is still my Jehovah-jireh even in the toughest of times.

    Been thinking about this a lot recently, and, in fact, am sitting here noshing on a free baguette (thanks, God!) from Panera that my husband scored while he was walking out of a meeting there last night. Over the past six months our income has been cut by a third. Like you, we have always lived within or below our means so, thankfully, we carry no debt, but cutting our already meager budget has proved to be a challenge. Evenso, God has never ceased to provide. We’ve not been hungry. We’ve still got clothes. Our mortgage is paid. We are warm. On top of all of that, in the last month, we have made $400 on items that my husband rescued out of dumpsters (so metaphorical of God), received a free airline ticket b/c of a flight getting bumped, gotten a $10 Target gift card by being in the right place at the right time, and paid half as much for a prescription than originally thought. Over and over it’s like God is saying, “I got this.” We have been faithful to Him through our entire married lives through our tithes and offerings and I feel like He is opening His storehouses and rewarding us for that trust. He is so good to take care of His children. I feel like I could fill a hundred screens with the way He has provided for me in this life. Thanks for helping me to refocus on that.

  7. Thanks for the timely reminder. With Andrew injured and unable to work and our wedding just two months away, there is an opportunity for the Enemy to use our financial situation to his advantage. But we refuse to let him win. I think this is what that whole “for richer or for poorer” thing is about. 🙂

  8. I just love you and your husband, I only heard of your site three days ago. I loved your word so much, devotional, I entered into your wonderful site. I THANK GOD for you’ll!! Your story helps so many people, I’ve been telling everyone I know, it is said that I know alot of people also have been said that I talk alot!! I love the way you don’t sugar-coat anything!! Continue doing what you do so well!! I’m not married and haven’t been since 1978, but we all can identify with you. I know that God is my all and everything to me! I know that he takes care of us,over,and over, etc. The more I get of him the more I want!!! To my sister about the vension enjoy, I stay in Alabama, where people say they don’t eat this and that! I made some vension-turkey meatballs for Leadership meeting and they ate them and enjoyed them. I noticed how the fruit trees, pecans,plums, scufonogs and everything that grows wild produced so much of whatever is produced on them. reminded me of how God provides for us, in every area of our lives!!! Let us Praise the Lord for he is good.

  9. As always, Cindy, you don’t disappoint with your thoughtful insights.

    When my wife and I were younger, we had twin girls and hardly any money to take care of necessities, let alone other items. Uncle Sugar wasn’t paying us lowly enlisted people very much at the time, so food was scarce at times; mind you, not all the time, but this particular incident was during one of them.

    Without asking anyone but our heavenly Father, help arrived. We just knew the Lord was going to take care of us and food was miraculously provided by someone in the church who didn’t really know our need. She and her mother just bagged up some groceries and delivered them to us. How good is our God?

    I’ve told my congregation so many times “God uses people to bless people.” Some advice for anyone who has a need: be sensitive to the Spirit of God and be ready to bless others; God will certainly bless you as you faithfully fulfill his call on your lives.

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