He Didn’t Wash The Strawberries And The Bananas Weren’t Ripe

But it was the best fruit salad I’ve ever had in my life. Mainly because it was a selfless act done by a precious 11-year old who loves his momma.  I didn’t ask him to make it.  He wanted to do it. When he walked into my bedroom with the bowl of grapes, strawberries and bananas, he was beaming.  He understood the whole it is in giving that we receive concept. And I couldn’t have been more blessed. Have your children ever done something like this for you? Do share.

5 thoughts on “He Didn’t Wash The Strawberries And The Bananas Weren’t Ripe”

  1. My eight year-old likes to let me sleep in and to make me breakfast in bed. The pans are clanging so loud that it would wake up a deaf person, the eggs are slimy, and the mess afterward looks like a bomb went off, but the heart behind it makes me melt.

    Thanks, friend. After a rough few days, I needed this reminder today of the good things he does and to continue cultivating that kind of heart in him. Enjoy your fruit salad. 🙂

  2. My son has such heart!!! He makes us breakfast. Toast. He sprinkles it with water (I don’t want to give you dried out toast, Mom). With bananas sliced on top. The part that slays me is that he slices the bananas on an angle. Twinkly eyes with a puffed out little 8 year old chest when we thank & praise him. He is such a giving heart!

  3. Just this morning my sweet daughter put my purse and bag, along with her backpack in the car. Then went to get my coffee ready. She unplugged my cell phone and charger and made sure they were in my purse. She even put the car keys in the ignition for me. What a sweet heart she has. It’s a great reminder on those days that I don’t feel like a stellar parent, that I know I must be doing something right. And I love how much your boys love you. Good husbands some day……Have a great day Cindy!

  4. My four year old just dragged the humidifier into the living room after hearing my coughing. Sweetie. And she only sloshed a little water…..not enough to negate her sweet act. 🙂

  5. Yes.

    Before she turned13 she did stuff like this for me regularly.

    One time in particular… we were going shopping and have lunch. Not necessarily in that order. We lived out in the boonie hills of Indiana. We had to drive 20 or so miles to get to some real shopping. So, I’m driving down the road and in less than a mile from the start I started to have a sugar dive. It was a bad one. Thank God there was one of those little mini-mart gas places nearby. I said something about needing to get some sugar in me until we got to a eatery of some kind. So, I park the vehicle at this mini-mart. I was ready to go inside and get something when she said, “You stay here mom. I’ll get you something.” She went inside. When she came back… she had my favorite candy bar and a Pepsi. I told her I’d pay her back her spending money. She said, “No, you don’t have to. I wanted to do this for you.” My heart melted right there in that car that day.

    Please pray for her today. Her life is a total wreck and she won’t listen to anyone. She won’t even talk to me. I’ve learned to detach. It still hurts though!

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