Have You Been On God’s Anvil?

I guess it was back in the early 1990’s when I was inspired to write. Oh, I’d written term papers throughout high school and college, but had never written for pure joy. This inspiration that occurred in my life goes by the name Lucado. Max Lucado. The following segment is taken from his book, On The Anvil.
God sees our life from beginning to end. He may lead us through a storm at age thirty so we can endure a hurricane at age sixty. An instrument is useful only if it’s in the right shape. A dull ax or bent screwdriver needs attention, and so do we. A good blacksmith keeps his tools in shape. So does God. Should God place you on his anvil, be thankful. It means he thinks you’re still worth reshaping.
If I were a bettin’ woman, I’d bet that many of you are on the anvil right about now. Some of you are wondering when your Savior is truly going to save you from your plight. There are probably a handful of you who think He’s gone off and forgotten about you leaving you on a cold slab of metal to be molded all by your lonesome. Rest assured, my friend. He has not. Trust me when I tell you that I’ve been there. More than once. And while I didn’t like the process nor did I enjoy having to endure pain beyond my comprehension, I certainly liked the outcome. And you will, too. Special enough for the Creator of the Universe to keep workin’ on you? I think so.

4 thoughts on “Have You Been On God’s Anvil?”

  1. Just when I think I can’t take one more day of the storm I’m in, I feel God’s strength carry me through to the next day. He has been faithful even when I didn’t want to believe in his grace and mercy anymore. God is good and God is GREAT!

  2. I have been on God’s anvil and am currently camping out out on it. The refining process is worth it yes, but painful. It hurts but I cling to His promises that He will never leave me. I know those are lessons that I would only learn God’s way.

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