Happy Thanksgiving from the Bealls!

I am enjoying my family and friends this week in the great state of Texas so this is all you’ll hear from me.  I would like to leave you with a little morsel to chew on during this Thanksgiving week.

Gratitude is a great antidote when you find yourself wanting more.

Are you grateful for what you have?

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from the Bealls!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I can honestly say I am. Do I want more, yes I do. I got a call from the prayer minister last week from Chruch, letting me know that I was the recipent of one of the Thanksgiving dinner boxes. I was SO grateful to know that it was available to me – but, I don’t need it. Am I short of things? Yes, but one of them is not food. I have family that I will share my meal with and don’t need to worry about feeding more than 1.5 mouths right now. (my 2 yr old doesn’t eat much…) I asked him if he could re-gift it to a family that could use it more than I can. I was very thankful to be thought of, but even more so that I had the opportunity to re-gift it to someone that could use it more than I. Blessings.

  2. I’m thankful for your husband’s sermon last Sunday. I keep telling my kids (and myself), if we want to be like Jesus publically, we’ve got to be like him privately and spend time with God. It came at just the right time. So pass on my thanks!!

  3. I am very thankful for my recent loss….depsite the painful experience and my sadness I know God has a plan and I trust him with my whole heart…and I know that he has the perfect little baby just for my family……our little angel just isn’t here yet………we have a chance to truly appreciate just our precious we are all to be here….Life is a gift.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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