Happy 39th, Baby

I haven’t always liked my husband.  But I’ve always loved him. Big difference. The first birthday I celebrated with him was his 21st birthday back in 1992. (The boy couldn’t even drink alcohol when we got engaged.) (Now that’s just funny.) I don’t remember what we did on that day.  Probably something like use my mom’s Diamond Shamrock credit card to fill up my ’89 Nissan Sentra so we could take a south Texas drive all the while eating our Grandma’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookies and drinking our Dr. Peppers. One of the things I love most about Chris is when he gets tickled by something and laughs so hard that it’s a silent laugh.  I know when he thinks something is really funny and when he gives a courtesy laugh to make someone feel good. I know when he’s stressed and when he’s relaxed.  I think it’s cute that he has a “system” when he travels.  It’s one of the times in our marriage where I just let him do his thing and sit back and relax. I love his passion for the church.  Not only that, but when someone truly gives their life to Christ and gets it.  Even if their 50.  He loves that stuff.  He’s given his life for this call. I know my man.  I love my man. Happy birthday, babe.  So glad you were born.

2 thoughts on “Happy 39th, Baby”

  1. Happy Birthday, Chris! You are worth celebrating! I hope we get the chance to meet in person so that we can make you silently laugh someday. Enjoy a wonderful celebration of you today!

  2. Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite guys! His love for Christ, His Wife, His Boys and God’s people…make him so amazing! Enjoy the gift that he is, my friend! You are blessed!

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