Hang Up And Drive

You’ve probably seen those bumper stickers, right?  Well, I’ve usually ignored them and kept on driving with my smug I am in total control of my vehicle while I drive and talk, thankyousokindly attitude. I consider myself a good driver.  I’m very defensive when I drive…always paying attention to things around me.  Even when I have the right of way I don’t blast through an intersection without checking the traffic to my right and left.  I rarely drive over the speed limit…except through Hillsboro, Texas.  Ahem. One morning I was driving and happened to land my radio station on a Focus on the Family broadcast.  I mean no disrespect to Dr. Dobson because he is quite a stud in my book, but I rarely listen to the show.  It’s hard for me to listen to programs like that because I have to focus really hard.  REALLY HARD.  Plus, I’d rather hear some tunes, answer my 9-year old’s questions about life or hear my 4-year old make up his own songs. This particular morning the guest was discussing her daughter’s recent fender bender.  The accident occurred while she was talking on her cell phone. Gasp. I found myself thinking, “My children will lose their cell phones if they talk on them while they are driving.  They need to pay attention to the road and those who are driving near them.” And then a still, small voice whispered ever so gently to me this phrase:  Practice what you preach. Dang. Because I am all about time management, I often talk on my cell phone while I’m driving.  I mean seriously, y’all, there is so much wasted time in the car.  Might as well do something useful like call someone back while I’m journeying to my particular destination. I started to visualize having a conversation with my sons one day about this particular issue.  I imagined them saying, “But you talk on your cell phone when you drive.” Practice what you preach. Double dang. So, I’ve made a decision.  I will no longer talk on the phone or send text messages/email while I am driving. Period. What that means is that I’ll probably jazz up my voice mail message since more people will be hearing it.  Could be that I’ll miss out on visiting with some really great folks who I don’t get to talk with often.  My sons will also be answering many calls from their dad, I’m quite certain. Please don’t let my decision to do this make you feel bad if you continue to talk on the phone.  This decision is actually going to be quite inconvenient for me.  But, I am getting to the place in my mothering where I can no longer tell my children what to do. I have to start showing them.

12 thoughts on “Hang Up And Drive”

  1. You’re a good momma. I should really do the same. I just don’t know that I’m as strong as you. Wait. Perhaps, I can not talk on the phone WHILE my kids are in the car with me. Okay. Got it. I’m good.

  2. Living in the crazy driving section of the world, I’ve learned to grab that cell-phone ear piece thingy and stick it in my ear, that way I can keep two hands on the wheel… I figure it’s as good as talking to someone IN the car with me, right?
    I don’t know.
    Maybe I’m not right.
    But I DO know I need to keep both hands on the wheel.

  3. ahahahha… that’s good for you.

    Because I sometimes ask that kind of question in my heart. I said” mom, why did you ask me to do that while you are not doing that?” but that’s only in my heart. But my mom is great and so do you. you can do it!

    Have a blessed day!

  4. Here in California, it’s ILLEGAL to talk on your cell phone, unless you have an earpiece. TRUST ME… Life is heaven on earth with this earpiece. $39 at Best Buy I use it when I am cleaning the house, too.

    Well, I don’t do that much. Im kiddin.

    But I do in the car. I work inside my car for my job 8 hours a day. I’m an expert!!!

    Back to kids… Does that mean I have to be an example and start making my bed?? and not drinking out of the milk carton?

    Dang!! I thought kids would stop watching by now.

  5. You are too cute… Why you ask.

    Well you don’t really listen to the radio when the boys are in the car. (this I have witnessed) I doubt that you talk much on your cell when the boys are in the car unless it is to their Dad. I’m just saying….I could be wrong. (DOUBT IT)

    I am with Dusty…No kids in car gab away.

    I am also in California with Heidi…And you having experienced it as recently as this morning. I too have one of those earpieces. They aren’t all bad but appearantly when I say that I am “putting on my makeup” it sounds a whole lot different. LOL

    It is against the law for kids under the age of 18 in CA to use a cell in a car also.

  6. Talking on the phone… I can see that since I talk to people in my car while I drive.

    But texting? Emailing? Reading?

    It blows my mind, people. Blows my mind.


  7. i’ve thought a lot about this one too and have recently stopped talking on my cell phone when my kids are in the car. i always think about the conversation opportunity with the boys i’m missing out by chatting on the phone! when i’m in the car along… i still talk!

  8. I text all the time when I am driving. I cant talk on the phone because my 2 and 3 year old like to talk really loud if I call someone=)

    I am going to try to not text in the car tomorrow and see what happens=)

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