Grocery Store Issues

People, I’m about to confess something that is probably going to drop my cool rating by at least 10%. The sad thing about that is that I’m really not that cool in the first place. Friendly. Outgoing. Caring. Charming, from time to time. Encouraging, for the most part. But cool? I don’t think so. I have grocery store issues. We are getting a pretty good dose of winter precip (slang for stuff falling from the sky) right now here in Oklahoma. I haven’t left my house today. Oh heck, I haven’t even taken my pajamas off that I slept in last night. But, I did get to the grocery store EARLY Saturday morning before, according to News Channel 4, the Winter Blast hit. Click here to check out our forecast. Brrr. My biggest grocery store issue really doesn’t have to do with the grocery store. It’s me. All me. When I go to place my items on the black running belt thingie, I put them into categories. I put all the cans together, all the produce together, all the boxes together and all of the cold items together. It’s my little cue to say, “Hey, would you please organize my groceries?” Sounds reasonable, right? Well, the bagger dude must not have understood my intent. Let me explain. I got home from the store by 8:05 a.m. (thank you very much) and my three men were still asleep. As I began to unpack the bags, there it was. The cubed steak I bought was in the same bag as the produce. Gasp. You have got to be kiddin’ me. I nearly had a panic attack. For cryin’ outloud, help a sister out. Cold with cold. Cans with cans. Produce with produce. That’s the way it should be. Right? Right? Not only that, but did I mention that I have my grocery list on an Excel spreadsheet? Sure do. And I have a variety from which to choose. By store. By category. By aisle. Yes. Yes, I do. You’re thinking I’m sick. I resemble that. But at least I’m organized.

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  1. This is also one of my pet peeves. It makes it easier to put the groceries away when you get them home if like is bagged with like.

    When I really get annoyed is when they put chemicals (like laundry detergent and oven cleaner) in the same bag with my food. Or, as in your example, raw meat in the same bag with produce that I might actually want to eat raw without contracting e-coli or salmonella.

    As for your Excel spreadsheet, mine is organized in the same order as the aisles at the grocery store, so I can just go down the list as I shop. First I go all around the outside walls of the store (deli, bakery, produce, meats, refrigerated and dairy); then I go up and down the aisles.

  2. It scares me how much alike we are. Maybe we’re long lost sisters except we’d be like Arnold Swartzenager and Danny DeVito in Twins. =)

    What also drives me insane is when they fill each bag with like 2 things so I end up with 14,000,000 bags to deal with when I get home.

    And, like Morning Glory there, I write my list according to sections of the store…produce, frozen, meat, dairy, reg grocery , and misc. It makes me happy just thinking about how much time it saves me.

  3. OK….so…..I’m not seeing the problem here????? Why do you think Walmart has finally introduced the SELF-CHECKING system? It’s so you and I can fulfill (well, at least ME) the childhood fantasy of checking groceries and putting them into the APPROPRIATE bag and section of the bag.

    Is anyone else connecting with us? I completely get you. Or maybe we both need help. I do not like my raw poultry in the same bag as my Glade Pine candle (that’s so the house can smell like we chopped the Christmas tree down like I begged my husband Marke to do this year but he didn’t and we’re not going to talk about this now…)

    OK….so I’m still in my pj’s from the morning, and it’s bedtime again. Goodnight and don’t be embarrassed. We’re here for you. 😉 (oh and the pj thing – my kids LOVED it today. We ran around the house, played games, did Christmas devotions, made brownies and pancakes and fried apples and had a GREAT family day stuck in the house. Thank you Lord for making me stay home!

  4. you are all very silly… I actually enjoy browsing the aisles and checking out the stuff, even if it is the same food items I have seen my whole life. I take a trip to the store whenever I just need to get away, so who needs an organized list?…ok well maybe I’m the silly one!

  5. Cindy
    Funny and I identify. Our 28 year old son has downs and is a bagger. I want to run this by him…he is chocked with grocery store line wisdom.
    By the way, Iwanted to check out your blog after being in Terry’s blogging deal the other day at OKC. Sat next to you.

    Keep writing.

  6. Well, it appears I’m in better company than I thought. So glad I could share my “stuff” with all of you. Thank YOU for your confessions, too! Jess, maybe you’ll join our group one day?

  7. I thought my husband was going to tell me I was crazy the last time we went to the store together becuase when we got to the check out I was telling him to put the cold stuff together, the produce together, the cans together and the non grocery items together. It bugs the snot out of me to get home and have a bleach product in with the tomatoes…what are these baggers thinking???

  8. And for the records, folks, I’m not dogging the bagger dude. I’m thankful they bag! I’m just basically making fun of my organized self.

  9. friend,
    i totally cannot relate. my black belt thingy organization (or the lack thereof) would scare you. i won’t even share.

    you would break out into hives.

    “back away from the belt thingy, ma’am. back away”

  10. I do the same thing Cindy…..I think sometimes the checkers look at me kinda strange though. I have my master grocery list on a word document but I like the idea of excel, I’ll have to give that a try.

  11. Dang, I thought I was anal retentive. So tell me, do you have blue and pink coupon organizers with categories such as “teeth,” “skin products,” and “condiments?” Just checking… if so, we are officially kindred spirits and if you ever get tired of old what’s-his-name Chris Beall, I’m available! And quit laughing… this is not a joke.

  12. if you need the excel spreadsheet she will gladly forward it on to you! It is amazing…well until Walmart decided to rearrange their store! WHO DOES THAT???

  13. I am SO like this. Not even funny. I also have rules on how many items should be crammed into the bag before it’s ‘full’…I can’t stand getting home to find one or two items in each bag, when they could’ve held 7 or 8 apiece.

    I’m sure to be writing a ‘quirky, anal-retentive’ blog in the not-so-distand future. 🙂

  14. I do almost the same thing, but some of that is for a reason. Once I found the chicken in the same sack with my flour. The package of chicken leaked and was soaked up by the flour. Yuck! I returned the flour and got it replaced. I did filed a complaint, but not a nasty complaint.

    Most of the time the sackers do a pretty good job.

  15. Cyn,

    You have some serious grocery store issues!! There are people out there that can help you with this – and if that doesn’t work, a week hanging out with me could be the cure!

  16. It is one of my dreams to have an excel spreadsheet that corresponds to my grocery store! I have just never found the time to make one. I guess my Christmas gift spreadsheet will just have to tide me over for now.

  17. Oh, wow – I only WISH I could be that organized! I typically get so far as to write the list, then I proceed to forget it at home and try to ‘wing-it’ at the store, only to visit the toilet paper isle three times because I forgot to pick up plastic forks. Meanwhile, the security monitor person thinks I have bathroom issues…
    And what’s up with the open ceiling changing rooms? Does anyone else get paranoid that some security guard in the back room is turning your quest for the perfect bargain pair of jeans into his own ‘roll-back those prices’ peep show???
    i’m just sayin’…

  18. Oh man this is SO like me. I put everything just so so at Crest and you know….it really sends me into a freak out mode when I get home and realize I had a system failure. Lately I have blamed it on the cute sackers flirting with my daughter. She looks older than 13 and she is so totally OBLIVIOUS to them flirting with her. I think they get a little sidetracked! LOL!

    I also keep my grocery list in Excel and I have it on my Palm. I make my list out according to the various areas of the store and some aisles I never darken them….I go where I need to and bada bing bada boom, I ‘m outta there!

  19. O.K., so I’m sick in bed and figured I’d read old posts to pass the time for my feverish little self. Well…I just had to comment, “Me too!” From organizing the groceries to having the same little Excel spreadsheet organized by aisle according to the store. Oh. My. Goodness. You are as messed up as me, Cindy Beall! 🙂 I am beginning to think we were separated at birth. Love you so much! Hope your week off is amazing. Thought about you while I was spending time with that sweet Beth Moore in Nashville. God did some good, good stuff. Hope you can make it next time…

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