God. Is. Good.

He stood on the dining room chair and started hollering as if he was Tarzan.  With clenched fists, he was beating on his chest in an off-beat fashion and was probably expecting the animals to bow down to him as the newly crowned King of the Jungle. And there it was.  His little heart pushing against his chest wall to where any onlooker could see.  Although I could not see his heart, I saw the effects of its job…pumping blood to all parts of his little 4 year old body, nicely nestled underneath his rib cage.  Gently reaching over, I placed my hand on his chest to feel the vibration. It’s the little things that make me stand in awe of our God.  Just the sheer ingenuity that God came up with when he invented the organs that are vital to our survival blows me away.  Not only that, but how they work together for the common good of the body without anyone having to tell them.  They just know. Take a woman’s body, for example.  The moment that the egg is fertilized and creates new life, her body adjusts.  Hormones start rising, the pelvis starts broadening and the breasts start their 9-month process of preparing the sustenance that the child will need upon his/her arrival into this world. We can’t forget what our bodies do when an infection has chosen to make it’s home within us.  The white blood cells immediately team up to invade and conquer the unwelcome guests.  Not only that, but the 98.6° temperature that is considered normal begins to rise in order to kill the infection. I’m far from a medical expert, and quite frankly, barely even passed chemistry.  But I do know that my God is a brilliant Creator. He knows exactly how many steps you’ll take today.  He knows why your heart is heavy.  He is aware of the decision you are facing about your future.  He is with you when you are alone.  He is celebrating when your first child is born.  He is holding you when you’ve lost someone dear to you. God…is…with…you.

17 thoughts on “God. Is. Good.”

  1. Amen!

    That reminds me of the video LC did a loooong time ago about how complex our eyes are and how much planning it took to make them. Very cool.

    Love ya!

  2. Having just graduate with a Biology degree, I was fearful initially that the big scary world of Science would increase my doubts about God… but all it did was confirm it. This miraculous world and all of its inhabitants just seemed to shout over and over, God did this! An AMAZING God did this! So I definitely understand… 🙂

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