Funnies From My Boys

Noah: “So, Mom, you don’t have any fancy name for your blog like FlowerDust or Jabberfrog. Yours just says Cindy Beall. That’s kinda lame.” “Mom, Heelys have changed my life.” “That’s just not natural.” Seth: “I’m forgiben and you were for savin’.” (From the song You Are My King) “Mom, this shirt is kiwwin me.” (He didn’t like the shirt he had on and he can’t say the letter “L”.) “When my tummy makes dat noise it means I’m hungry.” “Mom, will you wipe my booty ho?”

16 thoughts on “Funnies From My Boys”

  1. I love this post…reminds me of my boys when they were little. I have been enjoying your blog, silently for a while now and really appreciate the encouragement and transparency.
    I am an “old” married lady (38 years) and really see the value in the mentoring job that you do. Isn’t the internet amazing? I have internet friends all over the world and I think God is using you mightily through this venue. Thanks.

  2. On the way home from school last week, Noah heard Revolutionary Love on the radio and was trying so hard to sing along and I think he got it a bit confused with Everlasting God in his head so the phrase in the cutest melody came out “Everlastingnewanary” and he just kept on singing like most people do when they don’t know the words by humming and coming in at the last sylable of each word. cute.

  3. Once I got “Mom, I love you all the way to God…with his hair stickin’ straight up!”

    I thought to myself, “That’s infinity PLUS hair!” And I felt loved. 🙂

  4. Aaron, that’s funny! When Piper was about 2 she was upset and said “dom it.” Of course, I laughed. Just yesterday Piper thought it would be a good idea if Gram and Granddad lived with us. Once she grows up she’ll realize why I simply dismissed the idea with a “You think so?”

  5. There is nothing I love more than a “Noah” or “Seth” story. I love it when you share. Tell Chris I do miss it when he shares as well. I can always hear God when they speak; Noah your perceiver, Seth your exhorter. Their strength will be the strongest when they operate as brothers, brothers in the natural and brothers in Christ.

  6. How cute. I love boys!

    Silas always says…”What the?”

    The other day he actually said “What the hell?” Me and Jerome started laughing….not good parenting 🙂

    Last week he asked me if the marbles in his private would ever fall out…then today he said, “Mommy, what are nuts?” I said, “The marbles you asked about a few days ago.”

    He said, “Oh.”

    Micah and Asher say cute things too…it is late and my brain can’t think.

    Love your blogs Miss Cindy!

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