From The Mouths Of Babes

My oldest son, Noah, is 10 1/2 years old.  Most of you know that by now. His slender, tanned frame is very hugable.  I absolutely adore his face.  And his heart.  Oh, the tenderness that exudes from him.  He is truly going to be my tender warrior. But with all of those amazing qualities are things about him that cause frustration in me.  His lack of organization and carelessness are a couple.  I try to remind myself that even though he is growing up right in front of my very eyes, he is still very much a child.  And he will make childish mistakes. The other night there was a slushie spill in the freezer and it was a terrible mess.  (Because of course, you are supposed to put your leftover slushies in the freezer.) It was in the evening and I was already down for the count.  Meaning, my frustration level was higher than normal and I was ready to just plop down and drown myself in some HGTV.  I mean, who doesn’t love Suzanne Whang? Feeling bad, Noah gets some towels and starts to clean up the mess.  I snapped at him and told him that I’d take care of it because he wouldn’t be able to do it right.  With a defeated look on his face, he left the kitchen and went upstairs. Ten minutes later I was in the laundry room putting the messy towels into the washer when he walked in and said, “Mom, I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but please don’t underestimate what I can do.” Gulp. Even though I was flabbergasted at his comment, I hugged him and apologized profusely to him. He is one amazing child.

15 thoughts on “From The Mouths Of Babes”

  1. Woah. Are you sure he’s 10 1/2? That was pretty powerful.

    You’re so transparent. I’m not a mom, but I still get a lot out of your blog . I’m sure those who are moms are even more appreciative.

  2. Hey Cindy
    I wonder what will I do if my 11 year old told me that, probably do a flip over, but hey thanks for sharing with us, I do that often underestimate my kidz, God forgive me. U teach me something new every day.

    God bless

  3. Probably one of my most apparent faults is “wanting things done my way”. Funny how that drives me crazy about my own father and yet…I am just like that. I find myself complaining to my family about never putting away dishes in the dishwasher…they respond…”you always re-do how we do it”. I don’t want to re-do things just b/c it isn’t my way. I want my family to feel appreciated for their hard work. We all need God’s grace…even while “organizing” the dishwasher!

  4. The control freak in me totally ‘gets’ you. The mom in me is totally humbled by Noah. My then 12 year old humbled me in a like manner when I tried to get him to repeat gossip that he’d heard. “Mom, you’re really being a stumbling block to me here….” All because I wanted the dish….sigh

  5. Whew. As a mom I’m trying to figure out what I can do personally to keep from living at a level of frustration that keeps me so close to the point fo being snappish. Kids are amazing. All of them, not just PKs. as a minister it is my passion to unleash this in passion in the next generation. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow. God teaches me things so often through my kids. Wonder if this is how God would come to us when we jump in and try to take over things. ..please don’t underestimate what I can do. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for posting that. Oof. I’ve been so frustrated w/ my kids lately, doing this on my own, and am trying to find the balance between discipline and fun. W/ school starting back up, it seems that all I do is bark orders!! Sigh…another day, another lesson, for all of us.

    I like what Kandice had to say, too. I needed THAT word today…thanks. I think I’ll post that up somewhere. Waiting for my miracle, but not enjoying the journey to it is such a dumb idea. Time for some reassessing, I guess.

  8. So TRUE!!! Glad that boy can whip you into shape 😉
    You are a wonderful example, so true that God as well as you and Chris are developing skills in him that you may not even know he has. He is a SMART kid, what a blessing…

    Very interesting, I spent the last two weeks with my younger brother trying not to crush his little spirit, but build him up…challenging, yet none the less rewarding. An incredible glimpse into my own future and what it means to lead a child (even though he’s almost an adult). He still needs encouragement, he still needs correcting, he still needs training and to be built up to be a man *prayerfully* a man of God!

  9. as a dad, I used to catch myself doing similar things, but have since corrected that, and always make an effort to tell my kids daily that they can do anything, and can accomplish anything that they want to. It’s so easy to slip from that, so it is a daily struggle.

  10. I think it’s creat that he felt confident enough to be able to come to you and say that. So many parent/child relationships don’t have that open communication that you seem to have with your boys.

  11. My little person is 2.5 somedays going on 14. I underestimate her all the time. Being the age she is, I forget how much of a perspective person she is, and how much she knows. I don’t think she can do something, then she looks at me with those pretty blue eyes, with those words that you typed….

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