Friends and Worship

For the last nine months, I have been serving in the LifeKIDS ministry at the Northwest Oklahoma City campus (NOC) of My oldest son, Noah, misses his friends at the campus where we used to attend. As we were leaving the NOC campus this past Sunday, our conversation went like this: Noah: How much longer until we go back to the Edmond Campus? Me: Oh, when the house gets finished. ‘Bout two months. Why? Noah: Well, I just feel more at home there. I connect with people there. Me: Yeah, I know you do. We’ll be there soon. Noah: I like Northwest, but all I do here is worship. Me: (Thinking to myself) Well, by all means, let’s get you back to the Edmond Campus…can’t have you just worshiping, now can we? I love having conversations with this kid. I never know what’s going to come out of his mouth.

6 thoughts on “Friends and Worship”

  1. What a cute kid! I need to meet him! I enjoyed meeting you tonight at the Christmas party. Tony has told me amazing things about you and your husband. We need to get together sometime!

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