Food For Thought

I heard this quote some time ago. Have no idea who wrote it.

Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.

Give me an example of how/when you learned from watching another mess up.

20 thoughts on “Food For Thought”

  1. I think I’ve lived long enough to make plenty…and I’m still making them….and I’m still learning. Hey, maybe I’m that example you’re talking about! LOL

  2. I’ll share mine. I never did illegal drugs, took one puff of a cigarette on my 18th birthday and have had a handful of alcoholic drinks, which I didn’t really even like in the first place. I steered clear of drugs and smoking because of how I saw others who did this. Watching people make awful choices because of drugs made me NEVER want to touch them.

  3. I learned a LOT about dating and relationships from friends in high school. I witnessed friends suffer from broken hearts, pregnancies, STDs, you name it. All the sadness and consequences made it easier to be the “only” one in our clique not dating around. I learned what I wanted in a man and a relationship and what I was NOT willing to settle for or put up with.

  4. Learned not to smoke by watching my parents and grandparents do it. Also saw drugs destroy lives and avoided it like the plague

  5. I have learned what I want in a marriage by watching the love and respect my brother shows for his wife. I thought I would bring something positive, I have contributed way to much negative. I hope my children learn from my mistakes.

  6. I had a bunch of friends who had kids before I did and really got to learn how to not make a lot of simple mistakes from them! It put me in a much better “starting” place!

  7. Watched many people I looked up to suffer in many different ways from alcohol and drug abuse, I also felt the sting of what it can do to those around that person so I wanted nothing to do with those things. Never even touched a cig to my lips…seen, smelled, and been around MANY drugs, but never touched them myself. Thank you Jesus!!!

  8. I run a daycare. I am learning how not to parent. Enough said 🙂 (seriously I would like to see what some of these kids are like in their teens!)

  9. I’ve learned from others to pay cash for most everything. Like you, I do have a credit card, but pay the entire balance off every time…So far I’ve managed to pay cash for my car (it’s a 2005) and I’m about to graduate college with zero student loans! (woo hoo!)

  10. I learned how important it was to marry a Christian by my parents’ example (though in fairness, my mom did not become a Christian until after they married). I have the utmost respect and honor her for her committment to my dad, even when he made it extremely difficult with the choices he has made in the past. She has taught me what perserverence and true forgiveness looks like in a marriage and I have learned a lot from her example.
    When I started dating my husband in high school, he was not a Christian, but a few weeks into it, I shared Jesus with him and he accepted Him–whooohoo!
    By the way, this is the first time I have commented here–I have lurked here for the past few weeks and really enjoy your candidness and authenticity, Cindy…you rock!

  11. I have been the one that people say “you dont want to be like Nicole was in high school” Why do you think Tim and I do what we do=)

  12. Hi Cindy,
    I like to do things a little differently. I’ve made most of the mistakes and my friends and family get to learn from my mistakes …. saves them the trouble. You name it, I’ve done it … been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. 🙂 But the wonderful thing is that now I’ve been forgiven!

  13. I watched my cousin marry the wrong person in a rash decision, and divorce 2 years later. She’s only 24. As picky as people may say that i am, i’m only 26 and i’m willing (or trying bestest!) to wait for the right God-chosen guy. I’ve learned it’s best to wait for the best than to settle for mediocre and be unhappy in relationships.

  14. I learned not to become involved with drugs, smoking, drinking or promiscuity by watching two of my cousins. When I was very impressionable, around 10 or 11, my parents quit letting me hang out with two of my cousins my age. At that young age they were trying to get me to sneak out with them, steal things at the local dime store, smoke (tried one puff and about died), and get involved with boys in a manner that no young girl should. I kept refusing, except for the one puff on the cigarette, but I knew there was coming a day that I would not be able to keep saying no since I was kinda scared of them too. They were much bigger than me and bullies.

    I remember being upset with my parents at first but later came to realize that while I thought they were just two un-hip people, they really had my best interest at heart. They were protecting me. I thought they knew nothing of what was going on but being a parent now you see the signs!

    Sadly today those two cousins have been in and out of jail, are drug addicts, alcoholics, and have lived a life that makes me so sad. They have no use for Christ and as they tell my mom they have ‘fire insurance’ that they received when they were at VBS when we were young. My aunt died a very sad woman with how her children turned their back on the Lord and went down a path that she had not raised them to travel. Sometimes watching others can really be a wake up call.

  15. If there was a bad mistake to be made….I think I have made it 🙂 So much better living on this side of grace!

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