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Sitting in Bible Study recently, I was profoundly moved by something Jennifer said.  She was describing a time in her marriage years ago when she was frustrated with the amount of travel her husband had to do.  She shared that it got to a point that she didn’t always enjoy him being home because she was too busy getting over being mad at him for being gone. Sound familiar to anyone? Well, she went on to describe a time when her sweet husband decided to do something to show her that he was going to make their family time wonderful so that when he was away, they would look forward to him being home again.  And y’all, it worked.  Jennifer said, “It’s the focus on the wonderful.” Now, have you heard anything that cool?  I thought not. What does focus on the wonderful look like in your life?

9 thoughts on “Focus On The Wonderful”

  1. The wonderful:

    *A husband who is whole and adores me
    *Children who have both parents no matter how hard we had to claw to hang on
    *A warm, safe home in the midst of so many who are losing theirs
    *Beautiful friends and family who have walked beside me with grace and truth and faithfulness
    *Hope for the future
    *A God who has been a shelter and a refuge and a fortress

    Oh, the wonderful! Thank you, Lord, thank you.

  2. Oh, you speak my language. My husband’s job right now…well, it sucks. He’s gone a lot, and it’s so unpredictable, so we can’t plan anything really. And I spend a lot of time being upset about it. (Okay, I spend MOST of my time being upset about it.) But you and Jennifer are right: focusing on the good things is the only way to get through it. Just last night I was so upset over the last 2 weeks we’ve had, that when my husband did finally get home, I couldn’t even enjoy him. I feel like a single mom at times.

    So, thank you for this encouragement. I really needed it. (And I wouldn’t mind a prayer or two on our behalf, either–thank you!)

  3. I have always said I am thankful to have a God who allows me to enjoy my husband and all the great things he is…and lay his issues at the feet of Jesus…he said he would handle all that stuff, so I gladly hand ALL the issues over to Him:)

  4. That although my husband has to travel, too, when he’s home, he can really be home – like in the house – the whole day – when we want him to.

    And, I can be home with my kids. That’s pretty wonderful.

    I do love that Jennifer. Luh-huv her.

  5. it’s grabbing my 3 yr old and tickling her and actually TALKING to her (because you CAN have a conversation with a three yr old) about anything she wants to talk about.

    and the whole time i’m ignoring the fact she smells like pizza, dirt and sweat.

    love you cindy.

  6. You are so good to me 🙂 You BS girls – I just love each and every one of you!

    Yall should have heard The Hubs groan when I told him you blogged about him 🙂 I told him not to worry that he came off smelling like roses. He read it and goes – she doesnt even brag about what I did….

    So I am – what he did for me was….the kids and I walked into the house after he had already left town and there was all this junk food on the kitchen table. Things I would never buy for the kids and it was great. We ate like drunken sailors for that week. There were even the glass Dr. Pepper bottles in the fridge 😉

    Those little Dr. Pepper bottles reminded me he knows me so well – my focusin’ on the wonderful – my Mr. Wonderful 🙂

  7. The Wonderful is in recognizing where we’ve been, who that’s made us, and what we can be in Him if only we figure out that nasty word called SURRENDER.

    I wrote about it today….

  8. I know for a fact how wonderful Jennifer is and that her husband makes us all more wonderful because we know him.
    I birthed her and prayed for him to marry her. 🙂
    Jane-her mother.

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