Flu Shots Are No Fun

Noah and I went to get our flu shots this afternoon. Can I just say “ouch”? Seriously, I know I’m a wimp because my son told me I was. He was all “I’m so big and cool and this is no big deal” and I’m all “Whatever, I hate shots and needles and anything that is going to protrude into my bicep”. I even asked the nurse if I had to get the shot in my muscle or if she could shoot it into my fat. Plenty of that around. So, I’m curious. Am I the only wimp when it comes to flu shots, or any other shot for that matter, or do some of you hate them, too? Do share.

6 thoughts on “Flu Shots Are No Fun”

  1. AWWW! Mama Cindy… how cute… You really don’t like shots?!?!
    I’m one of those weird, crazy people. I really don’t mind shots, now I don’t think i could ever give shots, but don’t mind getting them, even giving blood…it doesn’t really phase me. I don’t like the sore arm later though.

  2. I only get shots for three reasons: pregnancy, giving birth and near death.

    That’s it. No exceptions. I don’t care if I am a wimp.

  3. Does anyone LIKE shots! No flu shot for me. If I get it, I’ll just tough it out. No antibiotics…NOTHIN’! I don’t think I will. The last time I had the flu I was 9, maybe 10. So, no shot for me if I don’t need it! WHOO-HOO!

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