Five-Year Olds and Forgiveness

I was sharing with a group of ladies yesterday on forgiveness.  I  talked about how God commands us to forgive and that we need to forgive in order to live in freedom.  I mentioned that we don’t always feel like forgiving but that when we choose to do it, eventually, our feelings will follow suit.  After all, God never asked us to feel like forgiving. Fast forward a couple of hours and I am driving my five-year old, Seth, home from PreK.  He begins to talk my ear off like he usually does.  He tells me that he told his class about the deer he drew with his Dad and how he explained to them that boy deers have horns and girl deers don’t. Then, he brought up two separate incidents that happened to him over the last few days with some friends.  I talked to him about forgiving them and that he didn’t want to stay mad because it would not be fun and he wouldn’t like it.  Not only that, but God wants us to forgive people. “I will stay mad,” he said.  “I will not forgive unless they say they are sorry.” Boy, we’ve got a long way to go. Y’all pray for us, mkay?

7 thoughts on “Five-Year Olds and Forgiveness”

  1. haha…great story on the heels of all that was in your heart and mind. You’re doing great—keep speaking the truth. Those boys will make the right choices….they have great examples to follow.

  2. HA! That sounds like my two year old. The other day I told her that Jesus wasn’t pleased with her acting ugly. That she needed to straighten up. She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said (with this “how ya like me now? kinda voice), “Well then I don’t love Jesus.”

    Great. Just great.

  3. I LOVE THOSE BABIES!! Tonight I was trying to tell my 3-year-old about the Easter story.

    Brie: “So Jesus went in a cave.”
    Me: “Yes and in 3 days, He came out! He was all better!
    Brie: “No, He had a bo-bo.”
    Me: “No…He was all better!”
    Brie: “No, He needed a band-aid.”


  4. Strong will, stubborn…sounds like someone I know…..ME!

    Blessings Cindy…dropping in after soaking in your words at AWI on FORGIVENESS! To thank you and let you know how your story ministers to me.

    I have already passed your website on to someone hurting deeply in despair to read because she came to our prayer site asking for prayer for her unfaithful husband, who received her forgiveness already and is back at it. No repentance…divorce seems to be the direction but right now, much anger, rage, despair, unforgiveness, and she wrote:
    “I want prayer for him, because I Can’t/Won’t pray for him, my flesh wants both of them to die, my spirit tells me vengence is the Lords. Pray for me too that I will not hold on to this anger and I …

    I only wish that she had heard your words or you could be with her instead of me. But I prayed it’s written for her or anyone to read. But GOD certainly is timely.

    I wrote to her today back & forth between breaks hoping to give her someone to vent. I do not know her but ohhh do I feel for her.

    Now as far as that sweet PreK…let’s keep channeling that
    forgiveness & hopefully show him that prayer helps. Maybe by changing it around for him to be the one that says sorry and wouldn’t he want them to forgive so he does not feel so sad & yucky. I’m praying…with lots of hope!

    I have more than more blog so I put in the one for our team prayers. We’ll see how it works.

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