Five Step Series Coming Up!

If you have spent any amount of time around this here website, you know I’m awfully fond, AWFULLY FOND of my church, which just so happens to be composed of the most amazing Christ followers this side and that side of the Mississippi. We just finished up a series cleverly entitled Five Easy Steps to Wreck Your Life.  I was so impressed with the creativity it took to come up with the messages.  It would have been easy for our pastor to preach about protecting your marriage against adultery or making sure you don’t stray from God.  He could have given us great steps to help make sure those things don’t happen.  Instead, he did just the opposite.  He gave us the steps to commit adultery, to make sure we drift from God, and to make sure we become addicted.  His sarcasm got people’s attention in a huge way. It got my attention in a huge way. So, next week, I am going to copy steal use borrow this little idea and do a series of my own.  My pastor won’t mind.  I mean, we’re like family and all.  I know all of his kids names and even remember his birthday every year.  That has to count for something.  Right?  Right. Stay tuned next week to…

Five Easy Steps to Driving a Wedge Between You and Your Spouse

Not nearly as clever, I realize, but well, that’s all I got. Do enjoy your weekend.

4 thoughts on “Five Step Series Coming Up!”

  1. This could be a series that is (subtly) about the evils of golf! 🙂 Can’t even take that all too seriously, since my husband has told me many times that I only have to say the word & he’ll give up the game.

  2. Thank you Cindy and Cris for sharing this website. Last night I considered taking my life, and what stop me was the Lord saying my husband would never take care of our teens as I would, my mission isn’t over.

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