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Fave Writer – Sarah Markley

I’ve been waiting for this day for well over a year now. smarkley-509-4 Today is the day that Sarah Markley will no longer be  a “blog friend” but will instead become a real friend.  A flesh and blood friend.  After a thirty minute drive to Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport, I will see the color of her eyes, feel the warmth of her hugs and hear the laugh that I’ve enjoyed hearing on the phone for the last year. Clearly, I am excited beyond words. Sarah, on the other hand, has no problem finding words.  Her writings are nothing short of sheer brilliance.  No matter what she writes about, she takes me there.  Her phrases allow me to picture the sweet moments she shares with her daughters and other journeys life takes her on. I triple heart Sarah Markley. And after today, I might even quadruple heart her. Sarah writes at her blog A must read.

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  1. Hey Cindy! Just found your blog! It was so great to toxbox with you last week! Have fun with your friend Sarah! Hopefully it will warm up in Oklahoma soon!! I love to blog too!!

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