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Fave Writer – Max Lucado

He’s the man. Max Lucado And he’s the reason I write today. God used his book Six Hours One Friday to gently lure me into writing back in 1990.  I don’t really remember what he said but I remember that reading his words inspired me to write my own. And I’ve written ever since. The man was born to write.  The way he crafts sentences…complete or incomplete…absolutely draws me in and makes me say, “I’ve felt that way my whole life and never knew how to express it.” It is almost as if Max is in my head deciphering my thoughts and then penning them down so that the things running around in my noggin will make sense. I’ve read well over a dozen of his books, probably more.  I imagine I’ll keep reading them as long as he writes them. Thanks, Max.

6 thoughts on “Fave Writer – Max Lucado”

  1. I just purchased a book of Max’s that has 3 of his Christmas stories together. “The Angel’s Story” was about the battle Gabriel endured to bring the message of hope to Mary from God. It was beautiful and written like only Max Lucado can do it! I’m not a writer, but I’m a reader! I agree, he is amazing. Thank you for remembering him and I would encourage you that you both have similar styles. Very easy to read, thought provoking, funny (in an every day sort of way) and encouraging. Thank you for listening to your heart and sharing with us always!

  2. I am still using one of his daily devotionals from five years ago. God truly works through Max because each day the scripture still applies to my current situation. ♥

  3. HUGE Max Lucado fan!! God has used his gift of writing to touch my heart over and over again! So thankful for writers like Max…and like you…to spur me on in my walk with Jesus!

  4. max has always been one of my favorite authors, too. “when God whispers your name” was the first of his books that i read. when i was… oh… 15 or 16. i loved how simply he wrote. how beautifully he told stories. how short most of his sentences were.

    he made me want to write. and write well.

    for more than a decade i was really good about getting every one of his books as soon as they came out. then … i don’t know what happened. but i think i’m missing anything he’s written in the last 4 years. one of these days i’ll remedy that.

    i know some max would do my heart good!

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