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Fave Writer – Beth Moore

Beth Moore So, here’s the deal. Beth is my girl. MY GURL.  For rizzle.  She doesn’t know I’m alive, but nonetheless, she has a place in my heart. Not only is she a fantastic Bible teacher, but she is truly a phenomenal writer.  And I know this because she’s read many of her writings on video during her Bible Study sessions.  No ghost writer wrote those. I’ve never met Beth.  I’ve heard her speak live and have been within 20 feet of her before but still have YET to meet her face to face.  I don’t stalk her.  I prefer the word “follow”.  I don’t have her on a pedestal because I know she’s imperfect.  But, my respect and admiration of her and for her is at an all-time high. Because I believe she walks the talk and is the real deal.  I know people who know her well and they indeed verify that my thoughts about her are right on. Beth has mentored me for the last 15 years.  So, yes, you can be mentored by someone you don’t know.  Oh, to have a cup of coffee with her.  I know we’d discuss Jesus, hair, cute clothes, graduating from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) and walking those dad-gum hills on campus in San Marcos, Texas.  We’d laugh and cut up and just have a grand ole time. And we would definitely eat Mexican food for lunch. Definitely. She’s written oodles of Bible Studies and amazing trade books as well.  My favorite book of hers is When Godly People Do Ungodly Things.  It came just after my husband’s confession of infidelity. Doesn’t God have wonderful timing? I love you, Beth.  Thank you for pouring into me.

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  1. Girl, I was just going to send her a Christmas card and a “thanks for mentoring me” letter. Too funny that you wrote about that today. I am so blessed by her! Did you happen to do the Siesta Scripture Memory thingy this year through her blog? I did and am going to be heading to Houston for the celebration in January. How fun is that?! Hope you did it too and we can meet in person.
    Love from here,

  2. It is amazing how God can give us such wonderful mentors even though we may never meet them face to face.

  3. Did you get to meet her after Deeper Still? We sat behind you and saw that you had yourself some VIP seats… Saw your post about meeting Priscilla’s husband. Now I’m wondering if you “followed” them to their hotel, or restaurant!! haha! FESS uP!

  4. okay so i’m not a writer at all….i try to blog my photography cause I just love it. you have a gift….I love it….and you my dear….mentor me 🙂

    cheryl m

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