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Fave Writer – Andi Hawkins

I had the privilege of meeting Andi, beautiful, gorgeous with amazing legs, Andi, back in 2002.  I was so excited when we connected in our life group and couldn’t wait to become close friends. Andi And a couple of months later she moved to Texas. The nerve. I am pleased to say that over the years we’ve kept in touch on various levels.  But once I found (the) Twitter, oh my, the relationship I had with Andi went to a whole new level.  Yahoo! Andi is a craftsman with her words.  I am convinced she has a thesaurus stashed away inside her beautiful head.  When I read what she writes I sit there, shake my head and think “how in the world does she create such amazingness”? But she does it.  Every single time she writes, she does it.  And if you don’t believe me, allow the award she won for a writing competition last year convince you. You can find her writings at  She is also called The Running Mama 🙂

6 thoughts on “Fave Writer – Andi Hawkins”

  1. Cindy you are so encouraging to me. I am grateful for you on a hundred levels. I will never forget our prayer time together just before Greg and I left — I can’t even remember who we were praying for?? It was just amazing how close I felt to you after such a short time.

    And I am so grateful for the Twitter too cuz I feel like an adjunct BSer. I try not to pout on Wednesday mornings when I’m not in OKC at the world’s coolest Bible study.

    Much love to you sweet friend. You make me a better person.

  2. I think she’s awesome and I’ve only gotten to meet her twice. Can’t imagine how fun it’d be to live near her. So thankful for twitter and blogs. It makes the world a smaller place!

  3. um she is DA BOMB 🙂 Not only did she help with my blog.. she introduced me to yours! And she is just too cute with her little family :)))

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