Fave Post – But I Didn’t Know It Was A Work Zone, Officer

I was going 73 in a 60 yesterday morning heading north on I-35 from my childhood home in Georgetown, Texas. Only to me, I was going 73 in a 70. A clearly acceptable law breaking speed, you understand. Yes, there were some big cement thingiemajigs rendering the shoulder of the road useless. I saw an orange pillar every now and again. Come to think of it, there might have been a big orange sign or seven indicating I was traveling in a construction zone. But there were no workers. Which, according to Officer Jefferson, was the good news. I was hopeful that one look at my Oklahoma drivers license might shout foreigner to him and that simple fact alone would allow me to experience some highway grace. Instead, I was delivered a citation, in an electronic, computerized form, mind you. It did look quite snazzy. Indeed it did. Which brings me to something I must discuss. I’m a rather slow driver. I don’t accelerate fast. I slow down WAY in time at stop signs and stop lights. I wait a second or two before taking off when the light turns green. I don’t take corners like Danica Patrick. No, no. I’m a fairly good law abiding citizen and driver.  You’d feel quite comfortable having me tote your kiddos all over town. Granny driver? Possibly. Mother who wants to keep her children alive? Absolutely. My wonderful husband, on the other hand, was born with plutonium in his foot. He is the long lost brother of Mario Andretti. He has been known to go 78 in a 70 mile an hour speed zone. The nerve. And the man hasn’t gotten a speeding ticket in over 10 years. It’s not fair, I tell you. Thank you, Hillsboro, Texas, for showing me the error of my ways. (Previously posted in July 6, 2008.)

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  1. oh my goodness. i just couldn’t resist commenting because there is this exact (almost) discrepancy in my family. i guess i can’t say exactly, really, but i have found it entirely unjustified that every time i have gotten pulled over when i make a mistake, i have gotten a ticket. and my dear, sweet, speedy husband somehow manages to not even get tickets if he gets pulled over. what’s up with that?!?!? [ it must be said that HS has been kind enough to help me see the error of my own ways and the truth that He uses the friendly policia as a means to keep me accountable to Himself – and what He does with my hubby is between hubby and Him. but still!! come on already!!! …..it’s a good thing that we now live in china where i don’t get to drive, i suppose. ] anywho – while you have no clue who i am, i really appreciate your words, the beauty of restoration in your story and lives, and your presence here.

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