Passing The Gas

A few weeks ago I asked for your input about some ideas you’d like to see addressed here on my blog. I was alarmed pleasantly surprised that you took me up on my offer! Some of your questions have had my mind spinning and thinking and thinking and spinning. Others of them, were just plain ole funny. For example. You probably don’t know Raf. Raf and the Bealls go WAY back. Way, way back. We did youth and music ministry together for a few years. We hung out regularly. We went camping together. We were in a small group together.  We went on retreats with teenagers together.  We did life together in our San Antonio days. Chris and I ABSOLUTELY adore Raf and his wife, LeAnn. We miss them terribly, too. While Raf is a wonderful man of Christ, he is also very funny. And goofy. And sometimes odd. Did I say that out loud? Take note of his request that I am going to address: Farting. But you’re not surprised, are you? Of course I’m not surprised, Raf. I sang with you every single week for a couple of years while you were making farting noises behind my back. Note: My apologies for those who are still disgruntled that I posted my son’s poop on my blog. I’m a mother of boys, for cryin’ out loud. It’s in our everyday life to discuss bodily functions and Jesus. Sometimes together in the same sentence; sometimes not. So shoot me. My reaction godly wisdom and counsel to Raf and anyone else who cares? Don’t hold it in. I’m just sayin’.

16 thoughts on “Passing The Gas”

  1. God has a sense of humor…I grew up thinking that bodily functions were gross. However, I happened to marry into a family who thinks bodily functions are funny…Good times. 🙂

  2. That is too funny!!!

    I still think that your son’s poop looked like truffles. I was waiting for the next picture to be of the pig that had found them in the woods. I never know what to expect from Oklahoma.

  3. Heres a funny story about farting.

    My son Isaac (7) was born with cleft lip/palate, in about 3 weeks he’s going in for his ninth surgery and this one is taking bone marrow from his groin and butt bone and place it in his jaw after being broken to form a place where teeth will grow anyways…

    to break tension in the room I guess, Isaac says:

    “Hey, I guess I’ll be able to fart from my mouth now..
    so cool .. i’ll be famous”


  4. Cindy, On an episode I saw last week on “John and Kate Plus Eight”, they are potty training their “little kids”. Kate is taking pictures of the kids with their “first pooh in the potty”. I was laughing at this…it’s a little odd. The next day I spoke with my sister and I told her about the episode. She started laughing. She was working at their annual women’s retreat the weekend before and her 2 year old (almost 3) finally went in the potty…well, he asked to go to the potty and he poohed. His dad took a picture of it as proof that he went in the potty since she wasn’t there to see it. They thought this was a milestone but while I was on the phone with her she told me she had to go…Apparently, Sam had just gone in pants and told his cousin (teenager who took him to the bathroom), “We aren’t going to tell my mom about this.” (He’s 2!!).

  5. If you can’t post pictures of poop on your own blog then where can you post it right?
    It isn;t like you were guest blogging and posted it on someone else’s blog 🙂

  6. I have three boys and a husband. I have caught them all having the “under the covers smell” contest. What is wrong with the male species? They can be so… “ick”!

  7. Being able to pass gas in front of each other is a great measure of the depth of your friendship.

    Ask any guy. Don’t hate us, it’s in our DNA.

  8. I heard that holding a fart in can block your ears, huh? What? Sorry, I didn’t hear that. Eew, what’s that smell? Hey, don’t talk so loud, what do you think – I’m deaf?? 🙂 Yes Virginia, Christians do fart.

  9. um.

    my hubs has never heard me fart.

    we’ll be married 17 yrs in august.

    he says hes afraid one day im just gonna explode and he’ll be left to pick up the pieces.


  10. I have to say my husband has also never heard me fart. And he never will. I just can’t get past being like my mom in that category. He of course, does it allllll the time.

    I figure it adds to the mystery of my womanliness….will she, won’t she? When WILL she? Oh, she’s such a mysterious woman! 😉

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