Family Movie Night

We recently watched a movie with our boys.  There was nothing that was too inappropriate.  (Is there even a decent movie out there that’s 100% appropriate?  Don’t even say High School Musical 3.)  During the movie, Chris and I were talking “in code” meaning that we were talking about something that we thought our boys, ages 4 and 9, shouldn’t hear so we left out key words.  We thought we were being smart and keeping things under the radar.  We thought that we could still get our point across with one another without the boys catching on.   And then Noah piped in our conversation and said, “You mean S-E-X?”  And he even spelled it as if he was trying to keep the code words going for his little brother. Nice. The code words?  They are out the door.

10 thoughts on “Family Movie Night”

  1. Mike and i decided we are going to learn spanish so our kids will not here us talk if we need to say something in code . I really am not joking, iknow it sounds like one but we are serious, i promise!!

  2. Impressive, Noah. What do you think tipped him off? I wish you had recorded that conversation; I would love to hear you two talk in “code”. 🙂

  3. haha….yeah, our kids are smarter than we think! 🙂

    And, wow! They can hear things from another room even when your voices are low enough you think your conversation is private…

  4. Isaac (Iceman) is a great at gratitude until… It’s about Snicker’s bars. I don’t know what to do about it. But he’s an evil stepford child when you even come close to his Snicker’s bar..

    ya know?

  5. oops, this is what happens when you 2 days behind on Cindy’s blog. The last comment was yesterdays..

    hmmm. Talking in code… does not exist here. If I really want to tell my husband something without the kids..

    Well, I text him of course!!! 🙂

    We do use the Spanish stuff too. WORKS just dandy!!!

  6. When I spelled W-A-L-K and the dog went crazy. I figured the kids could understand us too. We find that we have those talks at lunch when it is just him and I. It was kind of funny when the kids realized that we saw eachother during the day and talked. LOL

    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit that Noah would think you were just trying to keep certain things from the baby Seth. Ryan tried to be in on things because he was the oldest. He use to tell us things like “What are we (the 3 of us) going to do with her (hope)?” He felt that he had to be involed in her punishment. LOL

  7. We spelled things backwards. It worked for awhile. Now our 8 and 7 year olds can spell almost anything backwards. So we text! In the same room and everything.

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