Exciting Announcement! Oh, The Excitement!

And Happy New Year to you, too! Oh, it seems like only yesterday that we were filling water bottles and buying non-perishables for the end of world, or Y2K, as we knew it.  Good times. So, how are alla y’all?  Good? Oh, the announcement. Well, ahem, the announcement is, that, I…am… Wait a second, the kids are playing UFC…Boys, don’t make me come in there. Sorry, back to the announcement.  I was meaning to tell you that I…am… Just a sec…Got a call.  Hello? Wow, can a girl catch a break or what?  So, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I…am… adding another writer to cindybeall.com! That’s right!  There is another individual who is going to help me hold down this here fort here by adding his/her two cents about life and whatnot.  This person is highly gifted in MANY areas.  This person is humbly confident in who he/she is in Christ.  This person has wisdom beyond his/her years.  I am honored that this person is going to minister with me. But I’m not tellin’ just yet.  If you want to know, just come back on Monday, January 5th.  This will be his/her first post. P.S.  And for those of you who thought I was pregnant, shame on you.  Shame, shame on you.  Watch your tongues. P.S.S.  Anyone want to take a stab at who it is?

11 thoughts on “Exciting Announcement! Oh, The Excitement!”

  1. Well, you didn’t ask me. Just kidding. I think a little birdie might have mentioned this person, but I will just smile and be quite…like all good Robins. =)

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