Every Kiss Begins With Kay

If you live in the United States, then chances are, you know of Kay Jewelers.  This time of year they make a lot of money because men are going out trying to find the right ring or bracelet or necklace for their women. I remember the first Valentine’s Day that Chris and I had together.  It was 1993.  He came home with a real pretty gold necklace and a heart pendant that said “I love you” inside it. Ahh, so sweet, right? Well, I was appreciative and still have it to this day, but after a little time I said, “Um, honey, this is real pretty, but you don’t have to do this.  I’m not one of those girls who adores jewelry.” He couldn’t help but smile because he knew, HE KNEW that meant that we’d save a whole lot of money on jewelry in the future. Now, a day at the spa every month or so?  A girl could get used to that kind of pampering.  What? If you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your boyfriend, fiance or spouse, what do you do?

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  1. We celebrate by going out to dinner and where we go doesn’t have to be fancy. It can range from Penn Station to Longhorn Steakhouse. He buys me flowers sometimes and I ususally put a goodie bag of his favorite candy, maybe a car or motorcycle magazine that he likes together for him. It is all about just being together.

  2. We will probably eat together – ALONE – without kids….

    I like jewelry – I like what he picks out for me. But mostly I LOVE the sentiment behind it, but if he is going to do jewelry he does it for Anniversary or Christmas.

    I dont expect much this day – after all, my man is building me a house – with his own 2 hands….How great is he?

  3. We haven’t really done anything the last few years…we just haven’t had the money. And I haven’t minded. Hubby often gets me flowers, but I beg him to not buy those ones that are so expensive I can’t help thinking that they’d have paid a bill instead. I’ve even told him he doesn’t have to buy me flowers on Valentines, because, quite honestly, if it’s the thought that counts, than there’s only about 10% as much thought needed on Valentines Day than other days. It means so much more to receive flowers out of the blue, than when I know he’s surrounded by advertisements reminding him to buy them.

    We actually might go out to dinner for a date this time, though, since the tax return came in early. 🙂 That would be nice, Valentine’s Day or not, since we haven’t done that in…oh… eight months? (Too long.)

  4. My husband & I are one of those strange couples that pretty much ignores the day. We get the kids a little surprise, but haven’t celebrated it as a couple in years. Partly because we are all partied out from our birthdays in January & February. Partly because we don’t like the idea of spending lots of money on that day just to say “I love you.” We are simple and honestly prefer love in action (not from draining our bank account).

    Good thing for my husband that I am not a jewelry girl either 🙂

  5. We, too, are a couple that pretty much just ignores the day. I’ve always seen it as a commercial grab, and my so much more sensitive husband sees it as a day that is often painful for those who are not with a significant other (Both of us have been in those shoes). He shows me all year long how much he loves me with a bouquet of tulips, vacuuming the floors, making dinner – especially when I’m busy or sick, and all round thoughtfulness. Love a certificate to the spa, and he spoils me that way. He needs to hear the words with the actions, and so I try to do that for him consistently all year. Plus, I surprise him with a round of golf (for him, not me) every now & then…that’s his favorite way to hear “I loves you”.

  6. We are going to have a nice dinner and a night of swing dancing. I’m not really into jewelry and all that fluff n stuff. I’m more of a tom boy type. I’m a Harley Chic Rider after all! If anyone would like to see pix, msg me I’ll be glad to share!

  7. We will be hanging out with our life group on Sunday night. But tonight and tomorrow my husband is installing new wood floors in our kids’ bedrooms. That is a gift in itself! I sure love that guy!

  8. It’s a pretty blown out Holiday…there are many out there that don’t have a sweetheart, however there is one Sweetheart that has them and my hope and prayer is that those seeking the love of another will find it in Jesus.

    We are going to enjoy the day. No big deal on Valentines day. It’s just another day….so like every other day I am going to do my best to show my husband I love him while chasing after my one true Love….Jesus 🙂

    I hope you are very blessed dear friend.

  9. I think we have the same story! I got a VERY nice diamond necklace our first V-Day married…and then we both just agreed that it’s a waste of money and a kind of silly excuse to HAVE to buy your wife something or you’ll be in the dog house. My husband is so good to me ALL THE TIME (by helping with kids, dishes, laundry, etc.), so it doesn’t upset me that I don’t get ridiculously overpriced roses or diamonds on that one day. He does sweet things like bring me home a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup randomly by surprise, and I like this much better! (Plus, we can hear Dave Ramsey in our heads saying: “Is that necessary?”) 🙂

  10. This year, my Valentine will be about 32,000 feet above me. But, that’s okay. I’m not big on the holiday myself. Our date nights are always special sans the red heart boxes.

    And, if he sends me flowers again…..and they end up across the street….well, it won’t be good.

  11. our valentine tradition is that I cook everyone exactly what they want for dinner…..and of course everybody always picks different things…but it is always fun and my way of saying I love you.
    when my daughter was three years old, she wanted apple jacks for her special dinner. I thought that was hilarious until she came into the candlelit dining room with only a pair of shorts on…..and told me that “she could have whatever she wanted for dinner, and she wanted to eat without her shirt on”……kids-kids-kids 🙂

  12. This year we went to dinner without the kids. Came home put the kids to bed and shared our gifts. This year we decided not to spend money but to put our love on paper. I wrote a love note and poem for him that I read to him. He wrote a new verse to the song he wrote me while dating and sang for me! Honestly who could ask for anything better than that!

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