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Embrace Or Endure

Embrace means to “take up especially readily or gladly”.  Endure means “to regard with acceptance or tolerance”. A wise friend of mine talks about this.  He is referring to times in our lives when things aren’t easy or when they are painful.  I mean, who doesn’t embrace a feel-good season in their life?  That’s easy.  But when times are tough and uncomfortable, like raising a toddler or a teenager?  Yowza. If I’ve learned anything in life it’s this:  There is always in lesson in the difficult times we face.  But, are we listening to God enough to learn it? With these definitions in mind, here’s my question: Do you typically embrace a difficult or challenging season in your life or endure it?

8 thoughts on “Embrace Or Endure”

  1. This is very thought-provoking. I have not consumed enough coffee this a.m. to have an answer but think about it, I will.
    I expect I will find myself “challenged” to embrace some things that I would have endured before I read this.
    Gonna ponder, Cindy Beall.

  2. I think I would have to admit to enduring…but thankfully I am learning to embrace and be blessed and to thank God for all things, even the challenges, because I know that in all things, He works for the good of those who love Him.

  3. I like Stephanie am still learning to embrace because thats faith. Thats believeing as I go through this that God will get the glory and some good will come from the hard things in life we have to deal with. Plus, its more exciting to embrace, cause you just don’t know how God is going to turn it for the good but he does some how, and usually in an incrediably cool way. Like just speaking a truth that I will never forget into my heart about my reaction or something like that. Its always memorable.
    My sisters husband just left her and shes the mother of 12 children of which six are still at home. Her husband has said he would rather go to jail than to give her another dime. So, she went to church, paid tithes and increased it by 10.00 more because she felt God wanted her too. So the next day she took 3 of the kids to her doctor. This doctor she has known for 20 years and probably 60 infants whom she has cared for that my sister foster parented, and this woman doctor asked my sister what was wrong and my sister told her. The doctor said, she would be right back and when she came back, she handed my sister what she had given as her tithe plus 2.00 more. I can’t say that I have not been concerned with how she was going to make it but God was just saying its going to be alright. God is good and faithful when we are expecting great things.

  4. Like your other readers and as God continues to grow my faith, I am learning to embrace my challenges more. My family is in a changing season now. I feel like I waiver daily from enduring to embracing. Today is a good “embracing” day! I am trying to remain obedient, accept the changes, and allow God to teach me.

    Thanks for this thought-provoking question 🙂

  5. Endure it!
    However, after reading your definitions….I need to be embracing more! My husband and I feel a stir within ministry and we are trying to listen and find clarity in what He might be calling us to. I pray that I would embrace more this challenging season.

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  6. Embracing has the been the biggest test for me! Literally the physical embrace ! I have always had a hard time hugging people Also, the idea of accepting MY reality. I am going to continue to pray in this area. I am raising a teen with her own agenda. She is gifted and wonderful but has a social agenda! (what teen doesn’t?!) But then I have a toddler that is so headstrong you’d think her parents are rams! My middle child is pretty mild at this point until he loses a game. So of course I have been ENDURING…

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