Driving A Wedge – Step 5

The fifth step in Five Easy Steps to Driving a Wedge Between You and Your Spouse is: 5.  Never share your heart. Don’t let your spouse in to the deepest places of your heart.  Don’t let him/her know when you are hurting.  Bottle it up and keep it all inside.  Never pray together or be vulnerable about your fears.  Don’t cry or show them the depth of your sadness when you are hurting.  Only discuss superficial, surface issues instead of things that really matter. On the flip side, don’t ask your spouse to share his/her heart.  Don’t be trustworthy with their fragile state of being.  Go about your day like they don’t really matter because when you do that, it will just make their fears intensify.  They will eventually begin to believe that you don’t care. And before you know it, you’ll be living like roommates.

7 thoughts on “Driving A Wedge – Step 5”

  1. Roommates. The easiest marital pitfall to end up in. Its like the sniper of marital sin– sneaky and deadly.

    Love your heart for marriage. You make me a better wife.

  2. So…pretty much successfully completed all 5 steps. Now it’s the elephant in the living room we don’t ever speak of. How do I step back from this abyss?

  3. yes. unfortunatly there were times that i was guilty of pretty much all 5 of these. Or, that all 5 of these were a part of our lives.

  4. OK…the elephant moved today. He (the elephant) woke up, spoke rationally, truthfully and opened up about the hurt in both of our hearts. We’ve promised extravagant, abundant grace to each other while we try to fix this. It didn’t just happen…we;ve been married nearly 30 years and crud fills up the corners of my life like the slut’s wool described in Christy. But we’re trying. We’re reaching for each other, and not turning away. I just had to share with you…there is so much hope in my heart. Coveting your prayers and praying for you for a restful, familyful season….<3

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