Driving A Wedge – Step 3

The third step in Five Easy Steps to Driving a Wedge Between You and Your Spouse is: 3.  Don’t appreciate their contribution to the family. Whether you are a husband or a wife, you can do this easily. Husbands, this might be a little harder if your wife works outside the home.  I mean, she is bringing in a paycheck, but more than likely it is smaller than yours so make sure you bring that up to her.  Tell her that she doesn’t have what it takes to make the money you make and that she couldn’t handle it, either.  Give her a hard time about juggling all the roles she is juggling.  If your wife stays home and her primary role is running the home and caring for the children, then this will be easy for you.  She’s probably already feeling a little insecure about not contributing financially to the family so go ahead and rub that in even more.  Don’t ever thank her for laying her life aside for the sakes of your children.  The most important thing you can say to her that will seal the deal is, “So what do you do all day anyway?” Wow, that will send her over the edge.  You must do this. Wives, I could write a book about what you can do.  First thing first, complain about his job.  Complain that he doesn’t earn enough money or that he travels to much or that he gets home too late or that he has to do too much work at home.  Never thank him for the hard work he does all day.  Never.  In fact, make sure that you let him know that you wish you could do more things, like get your nails done and go shopping more often, if he made more money.   Oh, and the moment he walks through the door, start complaining and griping about the day you’ve had and don’t even give him an opportunity to tell him about his.  In fact, just let him know that his day surely couldn’t have been as difficult as yours.  That’ll work. I’ve got two more steps. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Driving A Wedge – Step 3”

  1. Thanks for this series. I look forward to the last two this week.
    Is the sermon series from church available?

  2. Just thought I’d ‘borrow’ from week 1 in the sermon series…”if the grass is greener in someone elses yard, water your own grass”. I need to add fertilizer as well…

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